Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Mayhem - Girls Weekend

What a great weekend! My mom and sisters came down to visit!! We had a wonderful time. Friday we ate lunch with some special friends, and had a girlie evening with pizza and a movie. We also made a delicious Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownie (pictured below).

Saturday we kicked off our day with Starbucks, a few hours of garage sale shopping (with some excellent buys!) and a wonderful lunch at our favorite restaurant, Butterfly Garden Cafe. After being rejuvinated with a delicious meal, we kept up the shopping for a bit, and then took our dog, Fez, to the dog park. He and his doggie friends entertained us!! They were hysterical.

Enough of the can see for yourself how the weekend went with these pics!

NOTE to all KitchenAid users...ALWAYS make sure your bowl is latched in correctly before you turn the beaters on high speed...otherwise this will happen :)

THIS is Sven. After church on Sunday, Zack and I got in the car and Sven was standing on our windsheild wiper...staring at us. We don't know how he got there, or what he was doing. Zack drove with him stuck in the wiper down the street. We pulled up at the stoplight next to this couple and Zack turned the wipers on and Sven flew into his hand. The couple looked at us like we were weirdos.

My new PINK fishing reel!

These last ones are of Zack and I. Sunday afternoon, we decided to get our own fishing poles and see what was swimming in the Ohio River. Louisville has a GREAT riverfront park, so we went down there. Sadly, we caught nothing, but we did watch some high schoolers throw their football into the river and attempt to retrieve it :)

Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, June 27, 2008

FGF - Brown Jewelry

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Today's prize is two (that's right...not just one but TWO) beautiful, fun necklaces! The first one is a set of three beaded necklaces with different sized beads. The second one is a red beaded necklace with a fun, wooden oval. They go great with so many different outfits!

Wanna win?

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What is your favorite color of clothing to wear? Or what color do you think looks best on you?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Money & Tithing

Have you ever shopped on Craigslist? I am addicted to that site. We have gotten SO many things for our home on there...leather couch, chi straightener, cookie/cake decorating items...I love it! We have also sold many items on there as well. Reasonably priced, of course.

Every so often, I will catch an item being sold for a ridiculous amount of money. Who wants to pay money for a broken chair? Or a half used bottle of soap? Because the world is so obsessed with money, some people feel as though selling their used sneakers for $100 is a fair price.

I think to myself, "Why not donate? Why not give your items to those in need, instead of trying to get every last cent out of it?" And it also reminds me that nothing in this world belongs to us, including every penny in our pocket.

In 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, it says "Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparlingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under complusion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."

I saw this article headline today: "Only 5% of adults tithed last year, Barna survey says ". Click on the link and check it out on Baptist Press. An eye opener, isn't it?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hilarities: Hippo

Be Sure to Have Your Volume Turned Up For This One!

tee hee :) i know, i almost seems inappropriate for the classiness of The Pink Potpourri, but look how funny it turns out to be! These guys are a hoot!

And now it is time for another riddle. The person with the correct answer could win a prize!

Tom and his younger sister were fighting. Their mother was tired of the fighting, and decided to punish them by making them stand on the same piece of newspaper in such a way that they couldn't touch each other. How did she accomplish this?

In other news, I won a giveaway today! Since I can't enter on my own page, I enter at Bloggy Giveaways! They have a giveaway every day! I won a gift card to Inkspot Workshop!!! Go check out the stationary at Inkspot Workshop, and tell me what you think I should get!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Crazy Shoes

For all you shoe fanatics out there, like myself, here are some interesting, stylish finds in the shoe trend world. Now, these are not specifically for fashion, as one might think when looking at them :) These serve purposes for fitness and physical activity!

First, we have the Five Fingers Sprint by Vibram. It's like toe socks, but they're shoes! They are good for climbing, running, yoga, pilates, boating or surfing! I'm sure they feel amazing, which makes the whole look/fashion need unneccessary...just like crocs :) If anyone has ever tried these, let me know what they're like!

Next, we have the Shape Up Shoes (click on the name to go to the link for better pictures). Wear them 30 minutes a day and you get fantastic legs, lifted buns and a stronger core. They are also referred to as "rocker bottom fitness shoes". Now, are you supposed to wear these bad boys as you walk around town? Or are these to be worn as you rock in your living room, munching on some popcorn while watching Rachel Ray?

So, what do you think of these? Any takers?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Mayhem - Great Buys

What a wonderful weekend...with all the busyness, shopping, working, fellowship and weather changes. Saturday morning, Zack had a moving job, so I got up early with him and hit the garage sales. Fez and I were out on the streets by 8 am sharp. And good thing we were! The first house we stopped at is where I found my gems, or treasure, if you will.

Now, I'm not really a "clothes shopper" at garage sales, but for some reason, I decided to scope this string of hangers out. It was definitely a God thing. I start shuffling through the shirts, and notice they are ALL Burberry, Ralph Lauren Polo, J. Crew, and Banana Republic. Now, for us, these clothing brands are a treat, and we NEVER buy them at retail price. So, I ended up with 6 polo and button up shirts, from all of these brands for $1 a piece!

*pat pat* on my shoulder :)

Anyways, I come back to the car, gleaming with my super buy, and of course tell Fez about my bargain, only to notice that I had made a HUGE mistake...I left my delicious, hazelnut, warm cup of morning coffee in the car, in the console, right at "doggy tongue reach" :( Out pours the coffee.

Well, my weekend gets even better. Sunday afternoon, Zack had some business calls to make, so I decided to take Fez to the Dog Park. I am enjoying the warm, quiet afternoon, reading my wonderful book, "When God Whispers Your Name" by Max Lucado, when I notice that only the "big dog" water dishes are filled. So, I get up to fill up the mini one for Fez. As I am filling up the bowl, this little old lady, who looks like the wind could blow her over, walks in with this white fuzzy dog, not much bigger than Fez. All of a sudden I hear, "No, Sugar, No!" I turn around to see the white fuzzy dog squatted PEEING ALL OVER MY PURSE!!!

Oh no he didn't.

The frail little lady looks at me and says, "He pees on anything on the ground." And walks away.

It's not like there were a million dogs there. There were three other dogs, no one around me and I had gotten up for like 5 seconds to leave. Otherwise, I probably would not have left my purse on the ground. And secondly, the dog didn't just like "squirt" to mark his territory. It appeared that this pooch hadn't peeed allll day. Can you see the pee marks?

On the plus side, at least I did not take my Coach purse.

The weekend was ended with a lovely dinner on the river at Joe's Crab Shack. I had a free coupon for an appetizer, so we enjoyed food and fellowship on the river during sunset. In this photo while waiting for our table, Zack has one of his "super buy" shirts on!

Friday, June 20, 2008

FGF - Creative Lettering Book

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This book is AWESOME. Whether you scrapbook, create your own invitations or stationary, or just want to have some fun writing ideas, this book is full of different styles and ideas. It gives you the alphabet so you can see how to write each letter, as well as some pictures of some creative things you can make!

So, YOU should enter to win today! Yes, YOU!!!


1) Leave me a comment answering the question below. One comment per person, please!

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4) Tell alllllll your lovely friends to enter for a chance to win! Who doesn't want to win an awesome gift like this?

What is a creative skill that you would like to learn?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Friends

I have started reading a new daily devotional by Beth Moore, "Jesus, 90 Days with the One and Only". In one word, incredible. Each day I have gotten SO much out of the study, and God has placed the lesson of the day with the need currently on my heart. If you're not doing a devotional, get this one TODAY. (LifeWay has them on sale for $20!)

Yesterday's study reflected on Luke 1:39-44 when Mary visits Elizabeth after the angel has told her that she will be giving birth to Jesus. Mary runs to Elizabeth's home, where they hug, cry, talk and comfort one another through this amazing time, as Elizabeth is also giving birth at her old age through God's plan. Beth talks about how we as women have a longing for someone in our lives who shares our similar experiences. We long for someone who gives us comfort, and that we can comfort as well, just as Mary and Elizabeth have that relationship and bond.

In II Cor. 1, it talks about how we receive an overflow of comfort from the Lord, and we are commanded to share that comfort with others...that is why He gives us such an abundance! We are not to keep it all to ourselves, but to be there for others.

I love all of the women in my life whom God has blessed me with and are so near and dear to my heart. There are so many of you special girls that I don't have my picture with, so these are just a few that I can honor this morning. Thank you for your friendship, love, compassion, and memories.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hilarities: Pugs

I love this video. Zack and I saw it the other night on America's Funniest Home Videos. We were laughing so hard. If you have a dog, you know how fun it is to get them to do this. But three is hilarious! Poor guys...I hope they get SOMETHING out of this...a showering of treats, a car ride or at least a walk.

In other hilarities, the other night I was on my way to meet a friend, and as I approached my car (with arms full of bags and books) I am about to lean forward and this HUGE cat jumps out of the driver's side window! We had left the windows down on the car, and apparently Mr. Whiskers decided the Honda was the new hang out spot. I jumped. And screamed. Books flew. The cat ran.

Have you ever been scared to death like that? I wonder who has the best story...maybe a prize is at stake... :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Herban Essentials Towelettes

Flipping through my Lucky Magazine the other day, I stumbled across these Herban Essentails Towelettes, and they look amazing! Because I haven't scrounged up $15 to pay for some little towelettes, I haven't personally tried these yet, but they look AMAZING!They're made with pure essential oil, so they are naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. And they smell super yummy! Plus, they're easy to throw in your purse or bag!

I don't know about you guys, but during the summer months, I sweat just walking from the house to the car. So when you feel gross and smelly, just whip out one of these bad boys, and you will smell clean and fresh!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Mayhem - I'm Back!

Hello friends! I am so glad to be back on here! I truely missed it last week, and thought of you all each day, how you were moping around, sad that I was not updating my awesome blog :)

Well, to sum up my week, here's a plethora of pictures:

Zack and I at Houseboat Camp!

Oh, my sweet girl, Anna. She caught this awesome fish, but was so freaked out by it!

Our wonderful friends, Ben and Laura, got married this weekend! Zack and I went down with our great friends, Dustin and April, as Dustin got to marry them!

And finally...SOME BIG NEWS!!!

I have been selected as a contestant for WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!! :) oooohhhh yeah!

So, what did I miss last week?!? Let me know what's been happening! A whole week without internet/tv can drive a person crazy :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everything Else - Gone ALL week :(

Sorry to let all of you wonderful readers down, but my internet will be taken away from me for an entire week. But no worries, I do have a few things to cheer you up and help you through this week. So until next Monday's Mayhem, please enjoy these wonderful posts :)

These first picture are of Zack and I dressed in our garb for the 80's night this week!


And for your viewing pleasure, here is another hilarious advertisement!

Friday, June 6, 2008

FGF - Help Meet Book WINNER!

Free Giveaway Friday WINNER!!!
This week's winner is:

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That belongs to Susan! Congratulations Susan! Just email Kelly your address, and she'll make sure I get it!  I'm so excited for you, and hope that you enjoy it as much as I have!

(Courtsey of Ann Potter)

"Created to be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl is a fantastic, incredible book for any woman to wants to be the best wife she can be to her husband (or learn how to ahead of time if you're not married yet!!!) Debi notes on the back,

"This book is written to lead [women] back home. Regardless of how you began your marriage or how dark and lonely the path that has brought you to where you are now, I want you to know that it is possible today to have a marriage so good and fulfilling that it can only be explained as a miracle."

I have enjoyed reading this book, from the viewpoint of being married almost 3 years, using this information to prepare myself to continue on the right foot, and look out for these things that she mentions causing hurt in marriages.

So, to enter in today's blog:
1) Leave one comment answering the follwing question.
2) Check back on SUNDAY afternoon for a winner, who will be chosen by
3) Tell EVERYONE to come and enter! Be sure to put my link on your blog!!!

What book have you read that has made an impact or change in your life?

WARNING!!! week I will be without computer/internet. That is why I am choosing the winner on Sunday this week. So I am sorry to let you all down for a whole enter week, but I have no choice with lack of internet. Don't cry, my friend. Its just one week.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Free Hugs


I saw this video this week, and it almost made me cry. It is so awesome to watch these people's facial expressions, as they are caught off guard in the path of their busy day, and receive a hug.

I did some research about hugs, and discovered that according to, further research on hugs has shown that human beings need at least four hugs per day to survive, eight hugs a day to maintain a strong emotional level and twelve hugs per day to grow and become a better person.

Personal contact makes you feel good. A good hug warms relationships between people and usually generates a smile. Even hugging your favorite pet has psychological benefits.

How often do you hug someone? Do it today!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hilarities: Baby Commercial

WINNER! Congrats, Natalie! You are the winner of the riddle solver :) Let me know what your favorite candy is :)

Happy Wednesday! It's the middle of the week! And just a bit closer to the weekend :)

For your viewing and laughing pleasure today, I found this Nestle commerical and greatly enjoyed watching these clever kids:

And since the riddle was pretty popular last week, I thought we might try it again. Can you correctly answer the following riddle? If so, you have a chance of winning a small PRIZE!

What is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Uno Motorbike!

As I scrolled down a web page, checking out some hot new items on the market, I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably at this bad boy:

Oh yes, some brilliant genius came up with a Uno Motorbike!!! I mean, how studley could your man look on one of these. And check out its awesome will totally catch any lady's attention :)

For more information on this new find, or to learn how to purchase one for YOUR man, click here :)

So, what do YOU think of this new trend?

AND....PS....what is NOT a other words, I highly recommend to NEVER try this...
As a professional food taster, and someone that knows what is good and what is not, this is not good. If you like yogurt, and if you like chocolate, don't assume they mesh well together. Gross.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Mayhem


So, our lovely home has no air conditioning. No, it is not broken...they just didn't build the home 50 years ago with A/C. And the little old lady who lived there before us had a lovely window unit installed into the side of the family room wall :)

Well, last fall after the temps cooled down, Zack and I removed that lovely wall piece and filled in the hole. See???

And the plan was to install an A/C unit this spring. Well, spring has sprung and sprung far the summer temps are now sizzling into our home. So the past few days? We've been sweating like a dog. And don't worry about Fez...he's got his own doggy pool out back he's been relaxing in.

If words don't describe the hotness well enough, this is what our thermostat reads in our toaster oven home:

PS...Friday's Winner has been posted below in last Friday's post!!! Be sure to enter again this Friday!
AND!!! if you or anyone you know has/makes/sells anything that would make a good giveaway, I'd love to give free publicity to anyone's business!!! Thanks :)

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