Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday mayhem - Great buys

I did some much needed shopping this weekend. I am pretty proud of my fantastic finds, and feel a lot happier, as women do, with my new pretty clothes!

First, I must say I LOVE CRAIGSLIST! I've always found GREAT deals, including our leather couch, chair and ottoman, and a few items for the baby! This week I happened to find this Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo which I was registered for. At Babies R U it is priced at $90.00! I got one from a family for $50...and it was barely used! any of you have this one? Do you know how to remove the seat so it can be washed in the laundry? It has laundering instructions on the tag, so their HAS to be a way to get it out...I just can't figure out how!
As for some new fun clothes, Old Navy is having a great sale! I got these two maternity pieces for 50% off!

I also discovered this weekend that finding maternity clothes (that are not overly priced) is a nightmare! Its not fun to shop anymore in my normally favorite places because they do not carry ANYTHING for us preggos. Even Target was sllllliiiiimmm pickins. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hilarities: Where can i buy this?!?

Happy Hump Day!

Don't you all just want to pick up the phone and order one of these? Tee Hee Hee :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Mayhem - Productive Weekend

I'm now at almost 23 weeks! My 22 week picture is arriving a little late, but better late than never, right? And don't ask me why, but for some reason the Mango this week appears to be smaller than the cantelope at 20 weeks. I don't pick out the fruit...The Bump does...I just pose with them :)
We had a very efficient, productive weekend! Friday evening we tackled our front yard. Hubby cut down this huge, annoying, in -the-way tree, and I did lots of weed pulling and hedge trimming. I have a fantastic video of the Husband with his chain saw in action cutting down the tree, but I recorded it sideways and don't know how to change it on here.
So here's the before...
And after...

I really should have taken a REAL "after" when everything was cleaned up. It looks fantastic. I don't think I've ever seen our neighbor's yard until now. And when we set on the front porch, we can see so much more now that the tree and other "junk" is cleared out!

In other news, we started our registry at Babies R Us this weekend! I'm still making some adjustments. Why in the world do we need a jumping swing, an excersaucer, a bouncy chair and a baby swing??? And which is best? Ohhhh the decisions. Husband did remarkably well lasting through our registry. I armed him with a Sweet Tea, only asked him to help with the major items, let him hold the Gun and do all the physical work like folding, pulling, snapping, and trying out :)
A few weeks ago, I did a secret shop job of price comparisons that paid us a nice $300! So we treated ourselves with this new video camera for Lil' Pumpkin!!! It's called The Flip...and it is amazing.

As you can see, it is tiny, HD, has like 3 buttons, and as soon as you've recorded something, you pop out the USB and plug it into your computer and you can save it or send it or post it on You Tube. It has a pretty good focus. Its perfect for all of Baby's Things! They don't recommend it for outdoor, moving events, such as his first soccer game, but we have about 3 years before we'll need that anyways :)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend...I apologize for not posting since Wednesday...I've been pretty busy at work and home, and a little lazy with the blogging :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hilarities - Prank Wars

My husband introduced me to this...These college guys are in the midst of prank wars, and apparently there is a whole series of pranks back and forth against each other on You Tube. This prank is Prank War 7... Amir is pranked into thinking he's been selected to win $500,000 if he can make a half court shot, blindfolded...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trendy Tuesday - Are Converse Still All-Stars?

Husband and I went to the mall last night for a few purchases, and I noticed that Converse is everywhere! Maybe they never phased out completely, but it sure seems they are back on the popular side.

It is amazing the HUGE selection of styles and prints they've come out with now since those converse high tops I remember...apparently you can even design your own shoe now!

I can remember when I was in Junior High I had these exact pair...

And I'm pretty sure the rule of thumb is, if you've already worn it as a style during your lifetime once, you're probably too old to pull it off when it comes back around...

But luckily Converse has come out with such a wide variety, I can go with a different style this time, right? I think I would be one hot momma in these...

Since I will reluctantly be giving up these....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Mayhem - Success!

I had a very successful weekend...we finally found a crib! We are very happy with our selection and can't wait to get started on the nursery! Hope you can handle the suspense...I will not be revealing our selection until the final nursery walk through!

I was also successful in several other purchases over the weekend...
My new maternity swimsuit! My goal is to start the water aerobics class this week...

A cherry glider and ottoman for $25 from craigslist! (this is NOT the actual picture...) The one I bought will most definitly need to be reupholsterd. Before and After pics to come!

A First Years bassinet (again, NOT the actual picture). I got the bassinet at a garage sale for $10! This not the exact style either... the one i got is a cream color with a handle bar that has a light, music and makes the basket vibrate. the basket is removable to carry, and a changing table is underneath! GREAT deal for 10 bucks :)

The next item on my agenda list...finding crib bedding!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday - what are you thinking?

"Think, think, think..." - Pooh Bear

Here are a few thoughts on my mind today...

-Lil' Pumpkin, why are you movin' and shakin' so much lately? Between last night and this morning, I think my innards might be bruised :) Whatever you're boppin' to in there, please kindly share it with the rest of us!

-Tonight is crib shopping! I'm super excited. And we're also trying out Taco Bell's new Pina Colada!

-I can't shake the bad dream I had last night...I guess it comes with the pregnancy. I dreamt that we went back to Husband's high school to visit, and while we were there, a guy gave him a free motorcycle! I got so mad at him for getting the motorcycle and he got mad at me for not being supportive...

-So You Think You Can Dance was aweeeeesome last night. I miss dancing.

-I'm very pleased with the torrentail downpours of rain we've received these past few days. We haven't had to water our lawn once yet :)

-What is that new movie called that is coming out with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds and they end up having to get married? And when does it come out?

Well those are my thoughts for today. What are YOU thinking about?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hilarities - They said what?!?

I just wanted to shout out a quick THANK YOU for all of your comments yesterday on my Cloth Diaper questions. You all were so very sweet to give me so much helpful information. It will be a lot easier to make an informed decision on this, and I hope many others of you benefited from these experienced mom's knowledge!

I am a huge fan of game shows, so I this video is pretty funny. Being an actual game show contestant myself, I can relate to some of these people. It is hard to be in the pressure of being on a national tv show, with a live audience and the cameras rolling! You can't even think straight!
So, Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trendy Tuesday - Cloth!

A big new trend I've heard about lately is cloth diapers, instead of disposable ones. Instead of me sharing some great things about this new trend, I need YOUR HELP!!!

Have you used cloth diapers??? Husband and I are trying to make the decision as to go that route, or fork over the extra money and go disposable...I'm hoping there are some of you ladies out there (or guys, if any read this blog) that can give me your experience and wisdom!!!

A few questions...

-What brand did you use?
-If you could go back and do it all over, would you still use cloth?
-Was it worth saving money?
-Did you find it a hassle, or did it become no big deal after the first few uses?
-What kind of process with use and cleaning does cloth diapers entail?

I would greatly appreciate anything you can share on this. I think myself and others can greatly benefit from all of us sharing our wisdom and knowledge on this!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Mayhem: Exhausted

What a fabulous weekend...we took our college students to Houseboat Camp where we tie up a few houseboats together, bring plenty of boats, tubes, skis and food and "camp out" for the weekend!

We had a blast...I got tons of sun, ate too many s'mores, did not step foot in the river AT ALL, and enjoyed the fellowship so very much with these wonderful people.

But I am now feeling the consequences of a weekend of fun...I am EXHAUSTED.

I'm so tired my body feels like I'm sick. You know that feeling? It takes everything you have just to function normal. Luckily my boss is out of town today, so it should be pretty slow in the office.

So that is why my blog is short, sweet, and to the point today. pictures :( But I will mostly be spending my day coming by and visiting YOUR blog! I'm looking forward to lots of wonderful reads to keep my eyes open for the next....8 hours and 20 minutes...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pregnancy Count: 20 weeks!

Today I have reached the 20 week mark! Half way there :) This afternoon I have an ultrasound, so I'm really looking foward to seeing Lil' Pumpkin and his progress. Of course we already cheated and found out his sex at 17 weeks, so this appointment isn't quite as exciting. But don't worry, I STILL am bringing a VHS tape to record his every move!

I thought it might be fun at this halfway mark to post my progression pictures all together over the first 20 weeks...
11 Weeks
13 Weeks

15 Weeks

17 Weeks

20 Weeks

Holy Cow, I couldn't believe that 20 weeks is a cantelope! According to, at 20 weeks the baby is measuring 6.5 inches and 10 oz. Last night I was laying on the couch and Lil' P was hoppin' and boppin' around...I could see my stomach poking out in random locations! I was watching So You Think You Can Dance at the time, so he must be a dancer...who will also be a professional basketball player for the NBA :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hilarities - Fez's Vacation

While we were at the wedding last week, my parents were kind enough to let our dog Fez come and stay at the Resort with them and their dog, Ellie.

My mom reported that Fez was an excellent guest at the Resort. She and my Dad kept him very busy...every morning started with wrestling and fetch with puppy toys, an extensive walk around the neighborhood, followed by Arts & Crafts:

I think his masterpiece fish freaked him out a little bit. When your artwork can swallow your snout, there's a legitimate reason to be worried...

Fez also did some lounging around. Grandpa's lap was a very comfortable napping spot after all of the morning activities:

After lunch, it was playtime again! Fez always loves going to the Resort where Ellie lives, because at our house, he has permanently been banned from all plush squeaky toys. He rips them apart, de-fluffs their innards and chews up the squeaker within minutes. El has a complete collection of softies, so Fez takes advantage of it just me, or does he have a look of an evil plot on his face for this mouse?!?

After dinner, it is time for cake. Fez knows he can work his magic with the puppy eyes and score a lick or two of cake icing...He and Ellie are claiming their piece from the leftover cake on the table:

And finally, after running circles in the back yard with everyone to burn off the sugar high, it is time for bed. Fez apparently had an issue with his sleeping arragements throughout the week. He had a chance to sleep with my parents in their bed, but ruined it when he snuck under the sheets and laid right where my mom's legs were. Next, Ellie's room...but his whining early in the morning got him kicked out. Finally, he got a bedroom all to himself...

I'm pretty sure Fez is bummed to be home with his old parental units. I think he'd much rather be back at the Resort, where he has another doggie companion, daily morning walks, at least 3 people in the house at every hour of the day, and of course, Arts & Crafts :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trendy Tuesday - Natural Highlights

I L-O-V-E laying out in the sun. Unhealthy, I know. But you only live once :)

Only once in my entire life have I ever had my hair highlighted from a professional. Never used a box. Never went back to the hair salon. My hair has always stayed its natural color, with a little help from some lemon juice and the sunrays and chlorine in the summer.

I'm curious to see if there are any other ways to enhance natural highlights in hair over the summer. Here are a few ways I've heard you can do it:

Lemon Juice: Spray on to wet hair and brush through before going out into the sun.

There are also lots of John Frieda Beach Blonde products that are amazing...

An egg bath: Eggs help moisturize hair because they contain lecithin. Simply beat an egg, apply it to your hair when dry and then cover with a plastic bag. Allow the egg to sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing in cool water.

What tricks have you tried? What works best for your hair?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Mayhem - Back to Busyness

My mini vaca has sadly come to an end. Sometimes when I go on a vacation, I reach a point where I'm ready to come home...back to my bed, my regular daily grind, and my responsibilities. Not so much on this trip. Husband had to pull me from my kung-fu grip to get me on the airplane :(

We had such a fabulous time! Here are a few pictures from our weekend and the beautiful wedding. We were able to see several friends we haven't seen since we moved 3 years ago. It was like we never left. We had a relaxing time of fellowship, celebration, food, sun and dancing!
Husband was one of the two Best Men at the wedding. The groom, other best man and he were all pledge brothers in college as well as roommates throughout those years. Best friends!
He should seriously be a model for GQ, don't you think? :)
It was a beautiful outdoor wedding on a golf course overlooking the lake. Although it was a 5 pm wedding on a 93 degree day with no breeze. All I can say is I'm glad I wasn't wearing one of those tuxes...
The reception was in the country club. It was a beautiful sit down dinner with a huge chocolate fountain bar!
Here is Husband, the Groom and the other Best Man. They all pledged their fraternity together in college, and became roommates for the next 3 years!

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