Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Baby High Heels

I saw these on the news last week and was cracking up! They come in adorable colors and are too cute! You can get more info about them on the Heelarious website! Also, here's a excerpt from their press release about the product found on the above linked website:

"Founded in 2007 by childhood friends Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter, Heelarious was born out of an idea that both women thought would be hilarious – a shoe for baby girls that mirrored mommy’s favorite heels. With safety and comfort as their main concern, Britta and Hayden were successful in creating a soft, fully-functional, fashionable crib shoe designed to look like high heels.

Available in six fun styles including Kayla, Elle, Kate, Brooke, Sophie and She’s a Little Lady, these sassy baby shoes are creating quite a buzz. And while these shoes are not intended for babies over 6 months old or for actual walk­ing, they are sure to bring a little fun, hilarity and glamour into any baby girl’s world."

So, what do you think of them? Like'em? Hate 'em?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Mayhem - Balloon Festival

My husband and I had a wonderful weekend. Friday night we went to the city's annual Balloon Festival at one of the local airports. We ran into some great friends of ours from the seminary and talked to them for awhile, then toured through the balloons, got some hand-squeezed lemonade, a bag of kettle corn, pulled out the camp chairs and watched the spectacular fireworks show. Afterwards, lots of families left, but we stuck around, enjoying our snack and listed to the live band. It was an awesome date for under $20!

Saturday Zack had a huge paper to write, so I took my knitting bag and sat outside a coffee shop on one of our favorite streets. I listened to some music, sipped my tea, did some people watching and practically knit a whole neckwarmer in one sitting! I enjoyed it very much :)

If you haven't seen this moive, you most definitley should go with your spouse. We watched it last night and LOVED it. Be sure to wear your waterproof mascara and take a box of kleenex because it IS a tearjerker!

PS...go check out this giveaway at The Glamorous Life of a Housewife. Its for a great cause!

Friday, September 26, 2008

FGF - Pretty Girl Frame

Congrats to Comment #10, The Mrs!
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Thanks again to Stacey for donating this pretty piece, and remember, if you or someone you know wants to be featured for a giveaway, just email me! We'd love to share your work or business with everyone!
Its Giveaway Time!!!
Happy Friday! Time to win something awesome!

Today our giveaway is from Stacey Baker's Etsy Shop, Emmarella's. She makes these adorable frames! I discovered her when I won one of her giveaways, and she made me a beautiful, customized family photo frame for our house. Her giveaway featured today is:

Pretty Girl Frame

Isn't that adorable? If you don't have a little girl of your own, I'm sure you know someone who does. So here's how to win:


1) Visit Stacey's Etsy Page and leave me a comment answering the question below. One comment per person, please!

2) Please mention my giveaway and blog link on your blog!!! If you do so, you may leave ONE more comment on my page for an extra chance to win!!

3) Winner will be posted Monday morning at 9 am. You have until 8 am to enter to win! I will use random.org to pick a comment number winner.

4) Tell alllllll your lovely friends to enter for a chance to win! Who doesn't want to win an awesome gift like this?

What is your favorite frame on Stacey's Etsy Page?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Swap Gifts

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Pink Potpourri's first Favorite Things Swap! I greatly enjoyed hosting this, and getting to know all of your favorite things. Everyone put so much time, thought and love into these packages, and so far everyone has seemed to love their swap buddy's favorite things!

Here are some of the packages that were sent/recieved that you all have sent me:

Well, there you have it. All of our most favorite, special things!!! As this was my first swap to host, I'd love to get some thoughts/feedback on your experience. What did you like/not like? What did you get out of this experience? What would you do differently? What kind of swaps would you like to do in the future?

PS...another swap is coming soon! Keep your eyes open in the months to come...I have a very special holiday one on the way!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hilarities: The Office Tribute

Last winter, we had a few massive snow storms in our city...big enough to close everything down for a few days. So during that time, my hubby and I found ourselves getting bored at home, espeically since we don't have cable. A friend recommended The Office to us, and let us borrow the first 3 seasons on DVD. We had a whole week of The Office marathon, and are now completely addicted.

Well, if any of you watch The Office, you know that tomorrow night is the season premiere! So, in tribute to this joyous occasion, today's post is an awesome video I found on YouTube of all of the pranks that Jim pulls on Dwight in one video. These are some of my most favorite parts of the episodes, and my hubby knows all of them by heart.

Hope you are laughing as much as I was...too bad I forgot to wear my waterproof mascara today :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Shades of Purple

Yesterday at 11:44 am it was officially FALL SEASON! I am so ready for jeans, sweaters, bonfires, fall foliage, and that crisp air. This season, the new fall color is purple! At first, I was thinking, "Eeewe. I refuse to wear purple. I guess I won't be in style this fall." But after flipping through numerous magazines, I'm hooked. I even have a shade of purple nail polish on :)

Here are some of the fabulous fall trends in purple I've already fallen in love with:

Jessica Simpson's "Maura" shoes

BCBG Silk Charmeuse Top

Forever 21 Crochet Scarf

Ok, time to do some shopping :) What is your favorite fall color, or new item you can't wait to wear?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Mayhem - Cookout

Friday afternoon, 4:59 pm, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, purse on my shoulder, keys in my hand, counting down the seconds to clock out for Friday evening. I had a reason to be excited and dart out as fast as possible. I had DATE NITE :)

I rush home, thinking I had a few minutes to freshen up and look "hott" for my husband when he walked in the door. I put on some good music in the bathroom, touched up my make-up, recurled my hair, and was feelin' goooood.

By the time I finish, I start to realize that Husband should have already been home by now. He was supposed to be home at 5:30, and it was almost six. I whip out the cell phone and see "2 missed calls" and "1 voicemail". Ohhhhh noooo....

I listen to the voicemail from 5:45 and it says, "Hey Allie, I need you to come get us. My truck broke down on the interstate." click.

To make a long story short, we were supposed to be at our special date nite at 6 pm. We got there at 8 pm. After getting the voicemail, I hopped into the jeep, noticed it was on E and the boys were about 20-30 min. away on the side of the southbound interstate. So SUPERWIFE was on her way! Here's a pic of my Husband's lovely truck that stranded the manly working men:

Anyways, Saturday was much better. We hosted a cookout at our house for the college class from church. Here are some fun pics of the evening! And I also learned that adding pretzels to candy corn and peanuts is a brilliant combination!!! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

FGF - Casey's Stationary

Congrats to comment #6, Angie at Seven Clown Circus!
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Ahhh, again its is the second chance comment that has stolen the win today! Thanks again, Casey for donating this prize!
And remember, if you have anything that you make or sell and would like to donate to be featured on a Free Giveaway Friday, we'd love to get the word out about your products! Please email me for more info!!!
A Few Lil' Side Notes
1. The Power has been restored!!!! That's right, we now have electricity :)

2. TODAY is the very last day to postmark your swap buddy package! If you haven't done so already, PLEASE send your package today!

3. I've had a few requests for other questions than "tell me what you like best from her site" as the giveaway question. I know its monotonous, but that's how our gracious donaters are featured! we want everyone to check out their site and help them with their business!!!

Now onto Free Giveaway Friday!!!

Today's giveaway has been donated by our friend Casey! She is giving one lucky winner a set of stationary from her Etsy Page. How cute are these???


1) Visit Casey's Etsy page and leave me a comment answering the question below. One comment per person, please!

2) Please mention my giveaway and blog link on your blog!!! If you do so, you may leave ONE more comment on my page for an extra chance to win!!

3) Winner will be posted Monday morning at 9 am. You have until 8 am to enter to win! I will use random.org to pick a comment number winner.

4) Tell alllllll your lovely friends to enter for a chance to win! Who doesn't want to win an awesome gift like this?

Question (well, technically its not a question...)

Please visit Casey's Etsy page and give feedback on
her products, such as things like price, quantity, style.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Storms

ATTENTION!!! beep b-beep beep beep!!!! Tomorrow is Friday, September 19...THE very last day you can send your swap buddy package! So, if you have not sent it yet, DO IT NOW!!! well, not right NOW, but as soon as you read my blog and leave a comment, THEN would be a great time to zoom off to the post office and send your package of favorite things!!!

And please be sure to take a picture of what you received and email it to me! I want to do a post next week to share what everyone's favorite things are!

Now, onto my thoughts...

So we are going on day 5 of no power at our house. Last night we finished cleaning out the fridge and scrubbed it down. Our stack of laundry is piling up, so i'm about to have to apply the "turn all your clothes inside out and wear them for another day" rule :)

So, here are some things I've learned during this week without power:

1. Bags of ice do not stay bags of ice very long in a powerless fridge...they melt and fill the fridge with water.

2. Do not attempt to go into a room at night without a candle. Bad things can happen. Toes can be broken.

3. Always be sure to have a supply of candles somewhere around the house. You never know when a massive windstorm will reak havoc on your city. And here's to all the times Zack has made fun of my massive collection of candles...not so funny now, huh??? :)

4. Days end sooner...when it gets dark at 8:15, its bedtime. There's nothing else to do! Its too hard to read by candlelight.

5. Our iPhones with the internet have been such a blessing. Although running the cars just to charge them has been annoying...

6. When you don't have the distractions that electricity provide (ie TV, movies, internet) you get SO much more stuff done that you always have sitting on your To-Do list. Yesterday Zack got the garage cleaned out, I painted some furniture, and we finally got pictures of stuff taken to post on Craigslist to sell...it only took us all summer...

7. Don't ever try to apply your makeup by candlelight. I'm pretty sure that's how clowns do it.

8. If you have a male in the house, INSIST he uses a candle when going to the bathroom. Its essential.

9. You can only eat dry food that does not require cooking of any sort for so long.

10. Bonfire's are yesterday's Martha Stewart kitchens. :) Its amazing what you can attempt to cook over a flame!

Well, there you have it, folks. Life at The Pink Potpourri HQ for the past week. What is something you've learned in life from an experience?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hilarities: Paris Look-alike & Catch Up!

I'm back! Finally. But, we are still without power and electricity at our home. But of course it has been restored at work. Grrrr :(

Anyways, a massive wind storm blew through our city on Sunday afternoon from Hurricane Ike. It was a very eerie experience. Have you ever seen I Am Legend? It was like that. For the past few days 400,000 people have been without power, gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants have been closed and schools are out. I definitely enjoyed my paid time off of work! It was hard to come back today :(

Anyways, moving on, today's post will have a laugh or two, and some updates that have happened since last Friday. So here we go!

Today's Hilarity is brought to you by my sister, featuring some Photoshop work she did. Ok, it might be really hard to see this, but that's not actually Paris Hilton's face. I know, I know, you may have to look really hard, but that is actually me:

***disclaimer: in no way do I support, like or am a fan of Paris Hilton. I did not choose to look like her. It is a sacrafice I make every day :)

Here's another funny for you. My husband hasn't figured out yet that he doesn't have to hold onto the sprinkler to water the lawn. I tried to explain to him that its made to be put on the ground, and go back and forth by itself.

Ha :) ok, I can't let y'all think he's actually that dumb. He was watering a specific part of the lawn real quick, and I snapped the shot. My fake explaination above is more entertaining!

And finally, we got a driveway!!! Here's some pics of our new paved drive, some of the aftermath of twigs and leaves in our yard after the windstorm, and our newly stained deck!!!!

I'm so glad to be back with y'all! I look forward to visiting your blogs and seeing what you guys have been up to!

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