Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Free Hugs


I saw this video this week, and it almost made me cry. It is so awesome to watch these people's facial expressions, as they are caught off guard in the path of their busy day, and receive a hug.

I did some research about hugs, and discovered that according to, further research on hugs has shown that human beings need at least four hugs per day to survive, eight hugs a day to maintain a strong emotional level and twelve hugs per day to grow and become a better person.

Personal contact makes you feel good. A good hug warms relationships between people and usually generates a smile. Even hugging your favorite pet has psychological benefits.

How often do you hug someone? Do it today!!!

8 lovely comments:

farzad said...

1 hug per week !!!
according to your post it is very bad for me !!!
and worse is i have no one for hug !

+ you have a beautiful blog.
nice to visit your blog.
i'll be happy if see you comment about my blog.
have a good afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I loved the video, the smiles on the faces were great. I have to go, I must hug Nanners and Madray.


PS I hope Zack calls

the gebbs said...

I LOVE hugs!!! I think it is SO important to hug people, so i love this post! thank you so much for your awesome website! You have no idea what this does for a teacher who just needs a little link to the outside every once in a while! :D i love that each day has a theme, and that we always have opportunities to participate in your site! thank you for creating such a wonderful place! :D (i'd hug you, but i'm not there! )

HeathahLee said...

This DID make me cry. That's not saying much...I cry at the drop of a hat. I fully believe in lots and lots of hugs! Thanks for sharing the vid!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now this all makes sense! I was having my quiet time and dad just came in and said, "Can I have 5 seconds of your time? Stand up, I want to give you a hug!" He gave me a big bear hug.. a kiss...and then left. OHHHH, I see! :D

When I first read your post...the very first person I thought of was Sallye, followed quickly by Grandpa! I think we should all carry a "free hug" sign...speck so!

I also, Love the comment about our pets...except with hugging our 4 lb. Ms. Elle...well, we find a gentle kiss works better...hugs tend to break such fragile pups. :D
I needed this sooooo much today! Thank you! I love you! Love, mom

ikkinlala said...

At this time of year, I hug people about twice a day. In the winter (when I'm at university), I sometimes go weeks without one. It sounds like I'll have to make more effort to do so!

Anonymous said...

gotta love, love, love a hug! have always been, and alway will be a great big hugger seeking lots of huggees...i do believe the research you located to be true...hugs make for happier, healthier folks! I so love your mama...sometimes when we finally get to hug, I don't think either of us wants to let go, so we embrace for long so precious! Anyway, I love all the Potters...okay, goodnight, dearest Allison...MamaPooch

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this video! The research is so true too. I always get disappointed when people give half hearted hugs. Suck it up and squeeze people!!!

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