Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Mayhem


So, our lovely home has no air conditioning. No, it is not broken...they just didn't build the home 50 years ago with A/C. And the little old lady who lived there before us had a lovely window unit installed into the side of the family room wall :)

Well, last fall after the temps cooled down, Zack and I removed that lovely wall piece and filled in the hole. See???

And the plan was to install an A/C unit this spring. Well, spring has sprung and sprung far the summer temps are now sizzling into our home. So the past few days? We've been sweating like a dog. And don't worry about Fez...he's got his own doggy pool out back he's been relaxing in.

If words don't describe the hotness well enough, this is what our thermostat reads in our toaster oven home:

PS...Friday's Winner has been posted below in last Friday's post!!! Be sure to enter again this Friday!
AND!!! if you or anyone you know has/makes/sells anything that would make a good giveaway, I'd love to give free publicity to anyone's business!!! Thanks :)

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Anonymous said...

Good morning, Allison! FYI, I did comment yesterday, but it must be out their in cyberspace! We finally got our internet and tv's working after having them all go out this past Friday night due to the Awesome electrical storm...I cannot imagine what it would be like to NOT have air conditioning! It is suppose to be 90 here by Thursday...praying that you are soaking up the coolness at work so it will carry over to your home. :D I LOVE your blog! So fun, I think I am hooked! Have a Great Day! Loved your pictures and trying not to be concerned that my daughter, son-in-law, and Fez are "frying" at night! God Bless. Love, mom oxoxoxoxo

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