Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Mayhem - Girls Weekend

What a great weekend! My mom and sisters came down to visit!! We had a wonderful time. Friday we ate lunch with some special friends, and had a girlie evening with pizza and a movie. We also made a delicious Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownie (pictured below).

Saturday we kicked off our day with Starbucks, a few hours of garage sale shopping (with some excellent buys!) and a wonderful lunch at our favorite restaurant, Butterfly Garden Cafe. After being rejuvinated with a delicious meal, we kept up the shopping for a bit, and then took our dog, Fez, to the dog park. He and his doggie friends entertained us!! They were hysterical.

Enough of the can see for yourself how the weekend went with these pics!

NOTE to all KitchenAid users...ALWAYS make sure your bowl is latched in correctly before you turn the beaters on high speed...otherwise this will happen :)

THIS is Sven. After church on Sunday, Zack and I got in the car and Sven was standing on our windsheild wiper...staring at us. We don't know how he got there, or what he was doing. Zack drove with him stuck in the wiper down the street. We pulled up at the stoplight next to this couple and Zack turned the wipers on and Sven flew into his hand. The couple looked at us like we were weirdos.

My new PINK fishing reel!

These last ones are of Zack and I. Sunday afternoon, we decided to get our own fishing poles and see what was swimming in the Ohio River. Louisville has a GREAT riverfront park, so we went down there. Sadly, we caught nothing, but we did watch some high schoolers throw their football into the river and attempt to retrieve it :)

Have a wonderful Monday!

7 lovely comments:

Andy and Kelly said...

YES!! I'm first! I'm first! I'm first! :D We had a great time this weekend! Also, I may have so info on where Sven came from...oh, I've said too much ;)

Anonymous said...

Soldier Down...Soldier Down! An empty parking spot at Highview...left behind...Soldier Down! Ahhh, no worries...a good home he will find! Defender and Protector...He is Awesome! Raise up arms to Praise the Glorious King! I speck so that he will find a faithful home with friend...not foe!

Love your pictures...oh Fez and his seeking friends on dog hill. That was sooooo much fun! The Best free fun I have had in a long time! Everyone LOVES my cuff links! I do too! This was a Perfect Weekend! Thank you most excellent hostess with the mostess! I will have to exercise like crazy crazy to remove the damage from the chocolate chip cheesecake goodies, a must have at every meal! :D

Have a great Monday and I hope my description lends helpful detail to your questioning heart! Love, Mom xooxoxoxox

Andy and Kelly said...

Meeske! I have actually updated my BLOG, so send you readers to check it out, and help me come up with a name for my art stuff! also, I would like to figure out how to put links up on the side to some of my other favorite blogs, but don't know how, so maybe you could help me with that sometime! Thanks! I had a great time this weekend! love you!

Tori said...

I love that apron, did you buy it somewhere or make it?? Also I love hanging out with my sisters too! Your blog is so cute and so are you, thanks for entering the giveaway!!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Looks like a good time! I understand what you mean about the Kitchen Aid. They can be dangerous! :)

Sara said...

hi there, thanks for the comment on my blog! beautyfromashes (i.e. Ashley) is one of my best friends :) thankfully, my husband and i have not experienced anymore odd events happening in our home (thank you JESUS), but we are continuing to pray against anything else...however, we are sure it was an attack on our marriage because for the first time since we were married, we got in an argument the next day that brought us to our knees...i think God was trying to show us that we needed to be in that position together more often! anyways, your blog is really cool and i will definitely stop by frequently! God bless you new friend +

Angie said...

Such fun pictures! You guys sound like so much fun.

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