Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Shower #2

The girls from our College Ministry threw us a wonderful baby shower this weekend! They did such a fabulous job hosting, and we all had a wonderful time together at the shower. Here are a few pictures from this weekend:

I am at 30 1/2 weeks! This month is a big squash, but I couldn't find one at the grocery store.

Husband and I after church before I went to the baby shower!

The adorable baby cake! Everyone was talking about the baby on the flower during the shower, as to whether he was edible, and that he was probably made out of fondant or something. When I got home, I took him off the cake to see "Made in China" on the bottom :)

My mom and sisters came down for the shower! I was so glad they could all be there!

A super cute bath robe for Stone. It also came with matching wash clothes and a few puppy outfits!

One of my wonderful, dear friends made a bucket filled with stones, and on each one she wrote a scripture verse or reference mentioning rock or stone. AMAZING!

One of the baby shower games was to take Stone's full name and come up with as many words out of it as possible. I felt horrible, but I am AWESOME at word games...and I proved it. I won :)

Thanks again, ladies, for a wonderful baby shower! Stone loves all his new gifts!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Winning Streak and the Future

I have been on fire with my giveaway winning luck lately! As you will recall a few posts back, I won the BEAUTIFUL gem bracelet from The Glamorous Life of a Housewife. A few days later, I received an email from thebump.com telling me I had won a gift basket from First Impressions!

Well, as you can see, my gift came in! I received a white fluffy bunny, a bib, a yellow sleeper, a white onsie, yellow pants, and another yellow onsie with a matching cap! SO CUTE!!!

If you are pregnant, or whenever you are someday, I highly recommend using www.thebump.com for any of your conceiving/pregnancy needs. It has been super helpful since we decided to start trying. I honestly don't even remember entering to win this giveaway, but I'm sure glad I did!

Now, onto other business...

Yes, you all read correctly that The Pink Potpourri will be coming to an end very shortly. Probably not permanently, (never say never) but when Stone arrives, I will no longer be working at my job. And currently we are without internet at home. So that is why it will be pretty much impossible for me to do any sort of updating.

Maybe someday I will return to the blogging world. I might come back to The Pink Potpourri and start the daily topic posts again. Or maybe I'll change things up and start a different kind of blog. The possibilites are endless, and my mood and ideas are constantly changing :)

I look forward to keeping you all updated on these final weeks of pregnancy, and am SO very grateful for all of your friendships through the blogging world. If you are interested in keeping in touch, you can always become my Facebook buddy! Since I am glued to my iPhone and facebook app, I will be keeping up to date on there. I will definitley miss keeping up with all of you!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stone has Grown

Well, clearly, if any of you are still reading my blog, you know I've become horrible at updating :( I know I used to have daily posts, but being pregnant and knowing that The Pink Potpourri will be coming to an end soon has made me lose all motivation to update regularly. Sorry folks.

But, on the bright side, here are a few pictures for you! My sister moved back to college (where I work) last week, so here are a few pictures of us on her day back! I'm at 29 weeks in these pictures!

Kendall's dog, Ellie, wanted to feel Stone move...

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