Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Crazy Shoes

For all you shoe fanatics out there, like myself, here are some interesting, stylish finds in the shoe trend world. Now, these are not specifically for fashion, as one might think when looking at them :) These serve purposes for fitness and physical activity!

First, we have the Five Fingers Sprint by Vibram. It's like toe socks, but they're shoes! They are good for climbing, running, yoga, pilates, boating or surfing! I'm sure they feel amazing, which makes the whole look/fashion need unneccessary...just like crocs :) If anyone has ever tried these, let me know what they're like!

Next, we have the Shape Up Shoes (click on the name to go to the link for better pictures). Wear them 30 minutes a day and you get fantastic legs, lifted buns and a stronger core. They are also referred to as "rocker bottom fitness shoes". Now, are you supposed to wear these bad boys as you walk around town? Or are these to be worn as you rock in your living room, munching on some popcorn while watching Rachel Ray?

So, what do you think of these? Any takers?

5 lovely comments:

Whitney said...

When are you going to be on Wheel of Fortune???

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I tend to like the first pair..I am intrigued by their description of help aide in yoga...my socks only cause for slipping an sliding! I'm sure these unique designs come with a hefty price tag. :D The unusual usually does. :D

On a different note... last night we had the tv on before bedtime and saw an advertisement for a new show on ABC beginning tonight...of course...the name escapes me...but it is fashioned after the Japanese game show where these contestants put themselves through a grueling obstical course of the seemingly impossible...it is sort of like watching someone fall down. You are worried about their physical condition...but watching them suddenly slip and fall, causes you to laugh...out loud! Well, this new tv show had SuperStev and I in stitches last night...I could hardly breath! I called Kel...for I knew she was watching the same show and she answered laughing hysterically! Maybe the show is called "Wipe out!" ...if not...it should be! :D

Off to the hospital with the G's for their blood fasting test... always proves to be interesting! Have a delightful day! God Bless. Love, mom oxoxoxox

Nancy said...

These are the craziest shoes I've ever seen. How in the world did you find them?!

And I agree with you, sitting down watching the Food Network is the only way I think I could keep my balance in the Shape Up Shoes.

William and Megan said...

hmmm... the only fit shoes I've tried are MBT's found here:


i tried them at a physical therapy convention and LOVED them! they're super comfy!

Lauren said...

My friend's boyfriend has those toe-sock-shoes and he really likes them. He said the idea is that your body functions more normally walking without shoes like our ancestors, but this is a safer way to do it, so as not to step on anything sharp or rough. He also said you have to get used to all that stuff between your toes, but it's doable.

~Lauren (friend of Sarah Thomas)

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