Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Mayhem - I'm Back!

Hello friends! I am so glad to be back on here! I truely missed it last week, and thought of you all each day, how you were moping around, sad that I was not updating my awesome blog :)

Well, to sum up my week, here's a plethora of pictures:

Zack and I at Houseboat Camp!

Oh, my sweet girl, Anna. She caught this awesome fish, but was so freaked out by it!

Our wonderful friends, Ben and Laura, got married this weekend! Zack and I went down with our great friends, Dustin and April, as Dustin got to marry them!

And finally...SOME BIG NEWS!!!

I have been selected as a contestant for WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!! :) oooohhhh yeah!

So, what did I miss last week?!? Let me know what's been happening! A whole week without internet/tv can drive a person crazy :)

4 lovely comments:

ikkinlala said...

It looks like you had a fun week! Congratulations on the Wheel of Fortune selection - I hope you get to be on the show!

Anonymous said...

Well, first, I must say you were missed! I found myself searching the blog site...just in case the wilderness/water could produce internet access! I did moped because I could not pick up the phone whenever I felt like it and hear your sweet voice. But I LOVE the pics! You and Zack illuminate your joy and love for one another in these photos! Ahhh, Anna, a true sign of a girlygirl! Yes, she can come to the resort and fish with the rest of us! :D And finally, congrats on your big letter for Wheel of Fortune!!!! It brings back flash backs of all those years of you growing up sitting on our bed and playing along. If for some unforeseen reason, you don't make it on the show...I beg you to try "The Price Is Right!"...I'll fire up a batch of mac and cheese to make it through! :D

As for last week here at the resort... I LOVED my experience at the Southern Baptist Convention! We got to see FIREPROOF the screening before it is released in September to national was AWESOME and dad and I met so many fabulous brothers and sisters in Christ from Sherwood Baptist Church and even some who the Lord has led to be "movie stars" they were all reflective children of Christ's Love.
I loved working in the information booth! We had THE BEST TEAM! And the unexpected pleasure of Tuesday gave me a great breakfast with Jessica Vaughn and shopping at GW with Garnetta and the Kel! How much better can it get? Well, I found the web site to the Pastor's Conference from last Sunday and Monday and finished my week by watching the videos! FABULOUS! The later part of the week...I missed my fam! You and Zack gone and out of pocket, Kelly and Andy gone and headed to Louisiana, Kendall gone to work and baby sitting commitments, and dad gone to New Orleans! Elle is a dog of few I was sad. :(

But now it is MONDAY MAYHEM...and the world all makes sense ...again! Love you! Welcome back! Love, mom xooxxoxoo

TheCottonWife said...

Whoot! Wheel of Fortune!! I expect updates (showtimes, does Vanna have ANY wrinkles, etc).

Chad said...

Congrats on the Wheel of Fortune thing.

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