Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Uno Motorbike!

As I scrolled down a web page, checking out some hot new items on the market, I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably at this bad boy:

Oh yes, some brilliant genius came up with a Uno Motorbike!!! I mean, how studley could your man look on one of these. And check out its awesome kickstand...it will totally catch any lady's attention :)

For more information on this new find, or to learn how to purchase one for YOUR man, click here :)

So, what do YOU think of this new trend?

AND....PS....what is NOT a trend...in other words, I highly recommend to NEVER try this...
As a professional food taster, and someone that knows what is good and what is not, this is not good. If you like yogurt, and if you like chocolate, don't assume they mesh well together. Gross.

5 lovely comments:

the gebbs said...

lol, that's hilarious! where do you find this stuff?! i am forseeing many a face plants, and i hope i am ringside to view them! :D well, thanks again for the gift card! we picked up andy's new grill right after that, and i'm hoping to get to update here soon! talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

Dad just said, "like staying up right on 2 wheels is NOT hard enough!" Grand wisdom from SuperStev! Speck so!

On another note...I could have saved you $.50 or so...NEVER buy WHIPPED yogart...NO matter how appealing the flavor may seem "....EWWWWW BLAH..PLA...PLA..." I think I recall, those were my exact words and thoughts when I tried a few flavors of this whipped frenzy when it first came out...prompted by a magazine add, as I recall!

Well, I am LOVING "Trendy Tuesday!" I just spent 2 hours writing notes to our volunteers for the SBC next Monday and was feeling a bit...BLAH...then I checked out your site and I have a smile on my face and a skip to my beat as I head upstairs to do "2 day long laundry!" YEEE HAAA!
Love you and have a great day! Stay cool! Love, mom oxoxoxxo

VeRonda said...

"Bad Boy?" Hilarious. Yeah, it seems like you'll just tip over face first. Not sure I'd run out to buy this one... Thanks for sharing.

i'm kelly said...

that motorcycle is amazing! and chocolate yogurt just never sounded like a good idea.

marisa said...

chocolate and yogurt=NASTY

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