Friday, February 27, 2009

FGF: upholstery bag

Congrats to comment #19 Lianna Knight!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win! Remember if you or someone you know would like to be featured with their products, we'd love to spread the word about their business on Free Giveaway Friday!!!


Seriously, this week has flown by!

It's already


This week's giveaway has been donated by Laura from Lula Belle! She has some really cute purses on there! You can also check out her blog at

Here's a little blurb about herself..."my background in interior design has given me a true appreciation for color and pattern. my hope is that this shines through in my designs & fabric choices for my bags. each bag, pouch, and zipper is handmade by me & most of them are one of a kind."

Thanks, Laura, for letting one lucky winner recieve this super cute bag! I can think of tons of ways I could use this myself :)

Wanna win this super cute handbag?

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays - Bear

My parents have recently been cleaning out their storage area, sifting through hundreds of boxes of saved things from all of our family, including all three of us girls who no longer live there.

So when they were in town last weekend, they brought me a box filled with childhood memories. I had bags full of cards I had received in college, first place ribbons from dance competitions, some of my porcelain dolls I have collected and my most favorite, Bear!

I remember getting Bear in the 4th or 5th grade...our family was at Sam's Club and either my grandparents or parents told my sister and I that we could each pick out one toy (this is my childhood rememberance...Mom if you're reading this and it didn't really happen this way, be sure to leave a comment on the real story!). Anyways, from what I remember, there was a big huge bin of these teddy bears and I chose this one.
Bear and I spent many years together. He sat on my bed during the day, curled up with me under the sheets at night, supported my head when I needed an extra pillow to sit up and read, absorbed all my tears when I cried, and took some good punches and pokings to the face when I needed to vent...

I'm pretty sure he also did some extensive family trip traveling as well. To me, Bear was a BIG bear. He seemed huge. He would fit right in with the shape of my body when I curled up on my side to sleep at night. I could hug him and it felt like he was actually hugging me back!
This weekend when I took him out of the box, he appeared to have shrunk. He did not seem quite as huge to me. But as we all know, you shrink when you get older :)
So thanks, Bear, for always beign there for me. Thanks for being a best friend, a confidant and a comforter. And thanks for noting holding a grudge against me for shoving you in a storage box for over 10 years...You have that same loving glow to your face as the day I put you in there.
Well, now Bear is a part of our new family. He may not be sitting on my bed anymore, but he is at our house. In a safe place. Fez wasn't took keen about his new "brother"...he had a few ways of expressing his thoughts to Bear...he doesn't like anyone coming in and stealing all the attention...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hilarities - Gladys

We all need a Gladys in our lives :) She is a hoot!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trendy Tuesday: New color trend?

I'm sure most of you saw the wonderful Oscars this past Sunday. My most favorite part is the red carpet because I want to see what everyone's wearing, and then hear the trash talk about it on Monday :)

This year I seemed to notice a pattern...did you? It appeared to me that the majority was wearing either cream, black or dark shades of blue...

What are they trying to say? Are creams and dark blues now in fashion for the season? I hope not...cream does nothing for my hair and complexion colors...I'd be white as a ghost!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Mayhem - Lazy Weekend

Well, our weekend was so laid back and uneventful that I have nothing to write about, and no pictures taken. Our weekend can basically be summed up with the following...

We had a fire going in the fireplace alllll weekend.

We watched three movies...

(This one is The Rocker...I didn't want to post the actual dvd cover...he's standing there in his underwear!)

And capped off the weekend with a wonderful, but short, visit from my parents. They brought me another box of my childhood belongings. There were a few dolls and my FAVORITE childhood toy, Bear! I'll have to post a picture of him sometime :) Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, February 20, 2009

FGF: Spring Cards


Congrats, The Shillinburgs! Comment #3

Have a great week and be sure to come back thsi friday to see what our next giveaway will be!


Friday is finally here...

Time for A GIVEAWAY!!!

Cari Kraft has donated today's super fun prizes from her Etsy page, Cari Kraft's Shop! She has so many fun, original things in her shop and is so very creative!!! She also has just posted some of her new spring items, such as these!

The first part of the prize is aged blue ribbons and vintage blue mercury glass beads string together handmade flash cards. German Glass glittered birds and butterflies flit across the garland. Garland measures 13" long.

These are pack of 42 flash cards (measuring 5" x 2.5" and come packaged in a sweet little cellophane bag) in a Spring theme. Retails for $15.
list of words...

April • bird • bloom • birdhouse • blossom • breeze
cloudy • feather • flowers • fly • go • organic
grow • leaves • Mother • Nature • muddy • nest
outside • play • puddles • rainbow • raindrops • rainy
day • robin • season • seeds • showers • Spring
fever • has • sprung • Springtime • sunshine • tree
tulip • twigs • welcome • plant • eggs • umbrella

Wanna win?
***REMINDER...for each of the following things you do, please leave an individual entry! will be used to choose the winner, so you want to have as many comments as possible!

1) Head over to Cari's Etsy page and tell me what your favorite item is!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays - New Sink

My wonderful Husband is SO thoughtful!!!!
To a guy, a sink is a sink.

But to the woman who uses it several times a day to wash the dishes by hand, its a necessity.

For the past two days, Husband has been working vigirously to install this new sink, garbage disposal, fixtures and plumbing. Poor thing...he got so frustrated with it last night, I think he could have cried.

Out of the almost 7 years we've been together, I've never seen a tear shed.
Anyways, here's the new sink Hubby took so much time to put together for me!!!

This is the best "before" picture I could find. You'd think we'd have figured it out by now on our second remodel house to take a "before" picture...

Ta Da! New sink, fixtures and garbage disposal!

This new fixture is AWESOME! It has a built in soap dispenser on the right, and the spout can be pulled out and the water flow can be changed...

Like this!

And finally, here's the awesome garbage disposal switch that he installed on the side of the cabinet. You have to hold it down for it to work, so as soon as you let go, it turns off. Great safety feature!!

Thank you so much, Husband!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hilarities - God Humor

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trendy Tuesday: Full Skirts

Spring could seriously not get here any faster!!
I was looking at my fashion magazine the other day and full skirts are so in style! Here are a few I found that I have fallen in love with.
Don't judge most favorite thing about them is how they flare out when you spin. I've seen adult women do it all the time :)

This skirt is from Banana Republic. There's a picture of it in my magazine where the model is moving around, giving it poofiness!

This skirt is from Old Navy. I love the colors and print!

I love this skirt by Oscar De La Renta. Its not for the spring, but is great for evening!

And finally, this dress from J.Crew ($225) is gorgeous! I love summertime, strapless, bright dresses and this one with a full skirt is just the icing on the cake!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Mayhem - Valentine's Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Weekend with your Love! If not, I hope you had an awesome Singles Awareness Weekend :)

Here are some pictures of our celebration weekend. We made breakfast together on Saturday morning, making red, heart-shaped pancakes and bacon :) And I decorated our kitchen table with these adorable hearts!

In the afternoon, I sent my husband on a scavanger hunt through the house to find clues to figure out where we were going for our fun, cheap date :) It was fun watching him run around the house and find the prize! It was a baggie full of change...we went to this awesome arcade place and played games all afternoon. we felt like kids again! this is us before we left...

Then that evening, Husband told me my surprise. Our friends were coming over to have dinner with us, and the men were cooking a romantic steak dinner for the ladies. They did such a great job! The steaks were phenominal and our friend brought homemade bread that was delicious!

Afterwards, they treated us to ice cream at one of our favorite local spots and each of the guys had written a romantic poem for their lady. They read their poems to us at the ice cream shop :) It was a very wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2009

FGF: Crochet Purse

Congratulations to entry #54

Thank you, April, for donating such a popular piece and letting us all learn about your etsy page!!


I just want to remind all of you that when you enter to win, you need to make your entries seperate for your favorite etsy item, and then a new entry for being a follower, and then a new entry for posting on your blog. Several of you could have entered up to 3 times and expanded your chances of winning! Just a reminder for this Friday!


Do you know what today is????
Friday the 13th....SCARY!
but its also....

Sooooo, once again, I am totally jealous of this giveaway. Isn't there a rule out there or something where the hostess of the giveaway can win her own prize??? Maybe I'll have to start a new trend :)

Today's giveaway is...

This awesome purse is from April at StitchTwitch! It is one of her favorite hand-crocheted purses. The two colors stitched together add dimension and style! This pink tote is lined with pink fabric and includes a brass magnetic snap. And every week she has a different item on SALE!!!

OK fine...I guess since this is the weekend of Valentines...the celebration of love, I will show all you wonderful readers how much I love you and not keep this purse for myself...

1) Go visit April's etsy page, StitchTwitch and come back here and leave a comment telling me your favorite item in her store!

2) For a second entry, become a follower! If you are already a follower, let me know!

3) For a third entry, post about my giveaway on your blog and put a link to The Pink Potpourri's Free Giveaway Friday!

4) Winner will be posted on Monday morning by 9am

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays - Odd Couple

Here's some more proof that opposites attract. These two guys formed such a strong love for each other. We need to be more like these two guys and love others, even if they're not just like us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hilarities - baby powder prank

So the other day I was doing my normal blog visiting, and stopped by one of my wonderful blogger friends, J.Leigh Designs (who is having an awesome giveaway of one of her books!) and she had posted this video.

I usually don't re-post things someone else has already posted, but I was laughing SO hard that I had to post this. If you've already seen it, I'm sure you'll laugh again. If you haven't, don't be drinking coke while you watch this.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trendy Tuesday: Sock Bouquet

Allllll my friends are pregnant these days. So I attend many baby showers. After awhile, I feel like I bring the same gifts over and over. So I found this new idea I'm going to use when I attend my next shower to spice things up!

It's the perfect idea! You can use any color sock, or even a variety. And you know the Mom will love this essential gift!!! Here's how to make it...

1) Roll up Sock

2) Fold bottom up to look like a flower

3) Create a "stem" with wire

4) Use floral tape to wrap around and secure on

Now, don't any of you locals be stealing my idea at the next baby shower we attend together. I will show everyone this post if need be :) Just but seriously...

Do you have any baby shower ideas? Anything you've done/seen done that was unique?

ps...check out the awesome valentine's giveaway at The Glamerous Housewife's blog!

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