Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, friends, the time has come. I need to take a sabbatical. A time of refreshment and rejuvenation. I need a break.

For the next two weeks, I will not be updating The Pink Potpourri on a daily basis. I may randomly post a pic or two from WHEEL OF FORTUNE! but other than that, I will be stearing clear of the internet.

Its great to have times in life of refreshment and retreat. I highly recommend it. When I return, I will have a lot of interesting stories and pictures to share!

But until then, don't cry...I will be back. And I encourage you to take a time of "sabbatical" in your own life...from something that consumes your time and prevents you from enjoying the finer, more important things in life :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Letters to God

Children are amazing. They say exactly what is on their mind. I've often heard responses from children to questions such as "what do you think about marriage?" or "what do you think love is?" or even letters such as these to God.

You hear the words and thoughts from these children, and they can cause laughter, a few tears, or even something so deep, it changes your perspective on things. Here are some "letters to God" from some very sweet children.

What did you think of these letters? Did any of them speak to you? If you wrote a letter to God, what would it say?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hilarities - Festive Pets & Bobee

Halloween is right around the corner, and the only thing I love about it is watching precious kids run up to my door in their favorite costume and asking for candy! Now, some might think I'm crazy, but my next favorite part is dressing our dog, Fez, up for the occassion as well. He has his own glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume. He's small and black, so it works great for him. Here are a few other doggies enjoying the celebration as well!

In other late breaking news, our friend Bobee is back. My mom took these pics from the lake at our Resort of Bobee in action with the other birds on the lake. He seems to be a little miffed this time, as other ducks and geese are invading his space.

In the last picture, you can see that Bobee is having to observe his boat from afar, as the geese have invaded!!! In case you didn't see the last post, Bobee was captain of the blue boat :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Dog Bags

In case your life long dream has been to carry a pretty pooch in your arms 24/7 as an accessory, but your job or lifestyle has not allowed it, your problem has been solved:

Life-Like Dog Bags!

These poodle bags are made from exclusive leathers, sheepskin fleece and feature a Swarovski crystal zip. They are also exclusive, with only 10 of each bag available. Just don't cross paths with PETA...these bags are so life-like, they may chase after you :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Mayhem - Weekend at Home

The husband has been a super busy bee lately. In fact, I haven't really seen him since Wednesday night. I mean, he's at home...but only during the sleeping hours. Last night he didn't get home until after midnight. Overall, I've seen him about 3-4 hours since last Wednesday :(

So what is a girl to do? Go home :) I drove up to my parents house on Friday and spent some time with them, eating yummy food, practicing for Wheel of Fortune, and of course shopping :)

My mom made this phenominally rich, delicious, addictive cake. Its a chocolate cake with homemade caramel icing. YUM!

On Saturday morning, we got up super early to hit all the garage sales around the neighborhood. It was so early in the morning, it was freezing outside, and i did not bring a jacket. So i found this one in the closet:

Hey, it was 7 you can see in the background, it was still dark out...and i had no make up on...and NO I did not actually wear it shopping...

Well, I got a SUPER deal at a garage sale...a garbage disposal for our new house! Every girls' dream buy :)

And finally, Saturday afternoon we arranged a meeting with our personal shopper, Deborah, who helped me pick out my Wheel of Fortune ensemble! I went with a solid, short sleeve bright purple shirt. You can see it when you watch me on Wheel of Fortune!!! :) here for a great giveaway from The Glamerous Housewife!

Friday, October 17, 2008

FGF - Country Bob's Sauce

We have a winner!
Congrats to entry #33, Jillian!!
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Do you know what today is?

This week's giveaway is awesome. I entered a giveaway a few months back on another blog and won two bottles of this awesomely good Country Bob's Steak Sauce!!! I got two bottles, but because I'm such a great friend, I'm sharing one with one of you!!!

This stuff is amazing. You can use it with anything!!! It even comes with lots of dishes to use it with, and it makes everything taste even more awesomer (yes, that's right, awesomer).

Here's how to win:
1) Leave me a comment answering the question below. One comment per person, please!

2) Please mention my giveaway and blog link on your blog!!! If you do so, you may leave ONE more comment on my page for an extra chance to win!!

3) Winner will be posted Monday morning at 9 am. You have until 8 am to enter to win! I will use to pick a comment number winner.

4) Tell alllllll your lovely friends to enter for a chance to win! Who doesn't want to win an awesome gift like this?

What is your recommendation for me to wear on WHEEL OF FORTUNE? What does a blonde haired, blue eyed fair skinned lady look best in on national tv?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Blessings

What a week. Things have been crazy here, with an abundant overflow of blessings in our lives. Let me share with you what God has done in our lives this week:

1) WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Back in the spring, the Wheelmobile came to our city, and Zack and I went to the auditions! Zack was chosen out of a hat to get to audition, the producers loved him, and he got called to another audition, but he couldn't make it, so they said I could go! After making it through all the rounds, two weeks later, I got my acceptance letter to be a contestant! They said a producer would call me within 18 months to schedule my tape date. Well, they called this week!!! I will be flying to L.A. at the end of October, get to go on the set, meet Pat and Vanna, and spin THE wheel!!! At that point, I will find out when it will be airing. HELP! what should I wear?

2) HOUSE INSPECTION! We had our "new" house inspected this week for one last chance to back out if the deal of there was something seriously wrong that we couldn't see about the house. The inspection went GREAT with a few minor repairs, and most of it being paid by the seller! We close two days after we come back from our trip in November!

3) HOUSE RENTER! Now that we've bought this "new" house, we decided to try renting out the one we currently live in and just finished flipping out. We have been in prayer about who would live there, if anyone. Well, God is awesome and has a perfect plan...he has already provided a family to rent out our house! They go to the seminary with Zack and also to our church!!!

And oh, PS...all of this happened within 2 hours on Tuesday :) CRAZY times!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hilarities - bus ads

happy hump day :)
more on that tomorrow on my blog...

enjoy these funnies!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Waterproof Jeans

I spill EVERYTHING all the time. My iced tea dribbles down my face, I can't walk and successfully carry a full cup of coffee, and soup usually jumps off my spoon before it makes it to my mouth.

That's why I'm pretty sure these were invented for me...Waterproof Jeans!!! They look and feel like regular denim, but magically bead up any liquid that may fall upon you! Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant...

These are "Devious" by Kasil. $202

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Mayhem - lots of stuff

What a fantastic weekend!!! Let me share it with you through my lovely pictures...
Friday evening we went to Bardstown Boofest...all the local shops on Bardstown stay open in the evenings, and little kids can dress up and "trick or treat" while the adults can shop :) This bear was all dressed up!
Also during the Bardstown Boofest, they had a parade! Lots of businesses in the community made a float. This one was a local dance studio, and they were doing a dance to "Thriller!" you know you're singing the song in your head now..."Thriller! dun dun dun..."

When we got home that evening, Fez was waiting for us. Zack finished off the vanilla ice cream and Fez convinced him that he should let him lick the rest of the ice cream since we didnt' take him to the Boofest.
See the ice cream on the top of his head? We tried to wipe it all off with a wet cloth, but he still has some ice cream crusties on there...

On Saturday morning, I was bribed with a Starbucks tall, nonfat, pumpkin spice latte to get up at the crack of dawn, drive over an hour up to Lexington with Zack, pick up his truck and follow him back home. So on the way back, this is what I looked at for an hour and a half...

But I was also able to view some of God's gorgeous creation, during its time of change this fall season. Kids, don't try this at home! driving and photo shooting is not recommended...

And finally, Saturday afternoon we had some friends over to watch our huge rival football game, OU v Texas. We did some grilling out as well, and when Zack tried to open the glass door to take the hot dogs out, the handle stuck, but his shoulder kept going...busted out the whole glass window...

Fez enjoyed the game from was beautiful weather, and he wanted to enjoy the shade and be as close to the squirrels as possible!

Friday, October 10, 2008

FGF - Rachel's Hair Clips

We have a WINNER!!!!
Congrats to comment #4, Melinda!
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Congrats, Melinda! Please email me your mailing info asap. And don't forget, if you have something you make/sell/would like to have featured, let me know!!
Friday has finally rolled around!!!
This week's prize is super cute. It is donated by Rachel Olsen's etsy page. How cute are these:

The giveaway prize is the winner's choice of three clips and one white headband!!!


1) Visit Rachel's etsy page and leave me a comment answering the question below. One comment per person, please!

2) Please mention my giveaway and blog link on your blog!!! If you do so, you may leave ONE more comment on my page for an extra chance to win!!

3) Winner will be posted Monday morning at 9 am. You have until 8 am to enter to win! I will use to pick a comment number winner.

4) Tell alllllll your lovely friends to enter for a chance to win! Who doesn't want to win an awesome gift like this?

What is your favorite item on Rachel's Etsy Page??

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Leap of Faith

So we did it. We actually went through with it. No turning back. We took a leap of faith.
Zack and I bought another house :)

Part of me is SUPER excited!!! We've wanted another house to flip for a few months now, and out of nowhere, this perfect investment, in the exact area we wanted, for a steal of a deal fell in our laps. So, after a considerable amount of time in prayer, seeking God's will, getting advice from other godly men, and discussing EVERY positive and negative part of this decision, WE DID IT!

So now, we young, seminary students, own two houses, in a time of financial downfall in the economy. scary, isn't it??

Not as much for us, as we have been praying about this decision fervently, asking God not to give us this house if it were not His will for us to have it. And now we have it. And now we wait to see what He has planned for our future...

-will we be able to afford both houses?
-will someone be renting out our house?
-if so, who? when?
-what problems, if any, will arise with the new house?

So many questions!!! But for us, not stressful at all. The human side of us wants to freeeaaak out, but having the Holy Spirit in our lives, and knowing we're following His will and plan brings a calming, peaceful joy to our hearts!!!

What is something in your life that you've had to jump out on a leap of faith about? What was the experience like???

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