Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hilarities - a full bladder

If you watch America's Funniest Home Videos, you've probably seen this. But I am posting this video in honor of my husband today. This is one of his all time most favorite videos. (The other is also from AFV where the dog growls at his back paw as he chews on his bone).

Anyways, Husband thinks this video is so hilarious that he requested it at his church staff meeting this week. Hopefully you will enjoy it too!

10 lovely comments:

mom said...

Hmmmm.... love, mom oxoxoxo :D

Mommy Mac said...

Crazy puppy!!!!

.mac :)

p.s. Perhaps you will have been experiencing a "full bladder" too these days!!!

.mac :)

J. Leigh Designz said...

LMAO!!! That was funny! It's like men writing their name LOL! I may have to steal that one from you hee, hee!

Christie said...

I do watch AFV, but I've actually never seen this video before! I have seen the dog growling at its back paw many times though, and it cracks me up every time.

Jillian said...

Oh my gosh, that is hysterical! Poor doggy...had to really really go!

As far as the sign language is marked "Barnes & Noble" on the back....but if I am guessing correct, we may be done with it by the time you'll need it! I can pass it on to you if you'd like!

Miss Anne said...


my sweet pup will walk on her front paws if it's wet or snowy out... prissy little thing!

Where My Treasure Is said...

Oh I saw this one the other night! So funny! Thanks for posting it..I needed a good laugh today =)

Jennifer said...

Haha. That's a whole lotta pee for such a little dog!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I love your videos --funny!!
Oh, BTW--I have an adorable sweater that would be perfect for your little one this winter. Never been worn, tags still on it. Would you believe that I bought 2 of the same sweater --must've really liked it. I think I was actually pregnant when I bought it--you never will think straight from here on out.
Anyway, here is my email. Send me your address and I will mail it to ya-I think I had something else to send you too, but I have mommy brain right now!!

Kelley said...

this is HILARIOUS!

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