Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Mayhem - Anniversary Breakfast

Since so many of you inquired on Friday to know how the Sleepin' In Omelette and surprise anniversary Breakfast in Bed you go...

Friday evening, hubby was supposed to be home late. I told him to call me from work and let me know when he was on his way home. I had planned to do the night-before preparations on the omelette while he was still at work. His ETA was 7:30 pm. I get a call at 6:55 that went a little something like this:

Hubby - "Hey babe! I'm on my way home!"

Me - "what?!? oh wonderful, dear!" (while running into the kitchen, frantically pulling dishes out of the cabinet)

Hubby - "I should be home in about 7 minutes"

Me - "what!?! ok great!" (while flinging things out of the fridge and dropping the phone on the floor)

Hubby - "I'll see you in a few minutes."

Me - "OK Great! I'm just working on making dinner!" (pots are banging, things are flaling)

I hang up the phone before he has time to say bye. I'm breaking the onion rolls into chunks, crumbs flying everywhere, and the trusty Fez dog vacuum snarfing up anything that reaches the floor.

Next, cream PW says to tear it apart with your looks more homemade. I'm thinking, "I don't have time for that, woman!" So, I whipped out the cutting board and sliced that baby up, as well as the two sticks of butter faster than Buddy Elf can cut paper snowflakes.

I hear the garage door open...I throw the dish (half way done) into the oven and with both arms slide everthing off the counter into the trash can. *Big Sigh*

I run to the door just in time to greet Hubby with a kiss and a smile. he think i've been making dinner.

I talk to him for a few minutes while he gets settled and he says he's taking a shower, so i tell him I'll be in the kitchen working on dinner. I hear the bathroom door shut. OFF to the kitchen I run, frantically digging out the mixing bowl, eggs, milk and allllll the spices the recipe calls for.

I drag the trash can over to the coutner for all 10 egg shells....the shower water starts. NOW if you know men, they don't like to lounge around in a hot shower and relax, like us ladies. they're in and out. So I successfully get all 10 eggs in without any shells falling in the dish. OH YEA I'm doing awesome!

Next, milk. no problem. Next, 3 different seasonsings. Problem...I had just bought all of them, so each one had this annoying, childproof foil cap on top. Ohhhh....why did I just cut my nails that day?

I'm tearing, I'm pulling, I'm biting...FINALLY those suckers come off. The water stops in the shower...I'm "dashing" the cayenne, sprinkling the dry mustard and scooping out the chives. Fez won't have anything to do with these. Apparently they dont' fall into the "crumb" category.

I wisk and wisk and wisk, pour the liquid mixture over the baking dish and rip out the foil. I can hear Hubby walking down the hallway. The baking dish is FILLED to the brim with everthing. I slowly walk over to the fridge, carefully balance the masterpiece with one arm, open the door, slide it in and the door closes as Hubby comes into the kitchen.
Hubby - "So, what's for dinner?"

Me - "well, I was thinking we could eat out night. I was going to make this pasta dish, but it takes an hour to cook."

Hubby - "Oh, that sounds great!"

:) *evil laugh inside* Hubby didn't put two and two together....I told him I was making dinner this whole time, but for some reason that didn't connect :)

So, Saturday morning, I set my alarm for an hour before we wanted to get up. I tippy toed into the kitchen and put my work of art into the oven. An hour later, this popped out:


After we ate every last crumb in bed, I asked Hubby if he'd like a second serving, because he always does, and he said, "No thank you"

*alert, alert!!* something's not right...

Me-"Why not, Hubby?"

Hubby - "Well, I have always loved everything you have made me, but I didn't like this. It didn't taste like an Omelette. It had cream cheese in it. I didn't like it."

oh well, better luck next time... wonderful friend is having an awesome giveaway on Glamerous Housewife!

11 lovely comments:

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

OH - You poor thing - I thought it looked delicious!!

erinkern said...

Oh man, after all that work! :(

The Shillingburg's said...

Aren't guys hilarious?????

Sweet Simplicity said...

I can just imagine you rushing around in the kitchen. It sounds like something that would happen to me. At least the food looked good, even if he didn't care for the cream cheese!

Miss Anne said...


you're so sweet!

i think it looks delicious! so sorry that he didnt like it! it's the thought that counts! :)

countrygirl3031 said...

OOoooooo...and after all that work! I just now read what happened to you and hubby with the chocolate...I absolutely hate melting chocolate on the stove. And that's how my mom always did it...nope that's not for me. Hopefully your hubby can get your microwave put in quick!!!


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

HAHAH, all that work and he didn't even like it! I am so sorry! I bet he would have lied if he would have known all the hard work you went through!

Vikki said...

It looked yummy! How can you not like anything with cream cheese?!!Glad you had fun anyway.

Rachel said...

I was tired myself after everything you had to go through...figures of all the times he didn't like it because of the cream cheese! You were such a good sport about it too but at least he ate the first serving!

Your such a great wife!

Shannon said...

Oh no!! That is so something my husband would say!! Except he would eat one bite, not the whole piece. :)

Megan said...

That is EXACTLY how I tell if David likes something I cooked..if he goes back for seconds. Sorry it wasn't a huge hit, but at least he did finish it off his plate!! That is really sweet of you for cooking for him!

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