Friday, December 5, 2008

FGF: Jewelry

oh man, I am SO greatful for after this weeks' was SOOO HARD picking my favorite! I had like 5 favorites...but only one prize...
This week's winner is ANDY! It was like a real life version of The Christmas Story, and apparently he still has the scar to prove it to this day. Boy, Andy, you must have a very lucky lady who will be receiving this jewelry gift for christmas!
Thank you all for entering your wonderful Christmas memories. I hope everyone enjoyed reading each other's stories, and if you didn't have a chance, be sure to read through them!
Have yourself a merry little FRIDAY!

And celebrate with Free Giveaway Friday!!!

This week's gift is a beautiful bracelet and earring set, made by my Mom! She had donated this piece when I very first started doing FGF and it got shuffled to the back of my cabinet. Its hard to see in the picture (our camera is on its last leg) but there are very intricate designs on the glass beads with pink and black! wait a minute....WOW!!!! look how fantastic this bracelet looks on me!!! is now debateable whether or not I want to give this gift up...I look absolutely stunning in this piece.

Although, my arm and had look incredible fat from this angle...but the bracelet makes up for that :)

Ok, so you think you should have a fair shot at winning this bracelet? Well, this week is not based on'll have to work for it! Tell me your best Christmas memory....funny, memorable, worst nightmare....whatever! I will pick my favorite Christmas story/memory on Monday!

So here's the basics:

1) Leave me a comment with your best Christmas memory/story.

2) You can leave a second entry if you post about my giveaway with a link on your blog!

3) I will announce the winner on Monday at 9 am.

Good luck to all!

27 lovely comments:

Mrs. Stilettos said... favorite Christmas memory....

My husband and I were recently married after dating for six years. We met in high school and that is where our story began. Mr. Stilettos has this red jeep that he just adores and over the years I have come to love it too. Our first Christmas he picked me up in his little red jeep at my parents on Christmas Eve so I could go over to his house and celebrate with his family. After visiting for a few hours we headed outside to get back into his jeep. There on the seat was a teddy bear with a diamond neclace around its neck and earrings in his ears! To top off the night it had started to snow very heavily while I was at his parents so everything was white and beautiful on our way home. Never will I forget that drive home. It was truly a special moment in our lives that we shared together as he held my hand as we made it home, in his little red jeep, on Christmas a winter wonderland. I'll carry that memory in my heart forever!

Mrs. Stilettos said...

P.S. I'm going to post about this giveaway on my blog too!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

seriously, that is so beautiful! thanks for stopping by today too!

G. said...

my fave Christmas memory? I have alot of faves but, I'll share this one. I remember the Christmas that I was 13, I had been begging my mom to let me wear makeup and she just wasn't budging. On Christmas morning that year, I opened my stocking and found tons of makeup and Lee Press-On nails! I was so happy and spent the day primping in the mirror with my makeup. I also remember making gingerbread houses each year, my brother; the leader that he is always had to have everything exactly perfect. That was alot of fun! He is now serving in Afghanistan so, when you think about our troops, say a little prayer for Joel.
I hope I win!

Beauty From Ashes said...

Favorite Christmas memory..let's see. I was probably around 9 years old at the time. Every year we would have Christmas at my grandparents' house and they would have a tree, presents, food, the whole nine yards. It was getting really close to Christmas and my grandmother had not put up her Christmas tree. I asked her why she didn't have a tree up yet. She said, "Well, I don't think we're going to put one up this year." I was so upset!!! I kept saying that it wasn't Christmas without a tree! Well Christmas Eve rolled around and when I got to their house, I wasn't expecting to find a tree. I walked in to find a Charlie Brown tree decorated! My grandmother who was probably in her 70's at the time, went into the woods behind their house and cut down a pine tree! It really did look like the Charlie brown tree, but I loved it!!!! That was the best Christmas tree ever.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Christmas memory is more the memories of our family Christmases growing up. Every year on Christmas Eve my sisters and I would all sleep in our sleeping bags on the floor of my bedroom. Of course we never did much sleeping, but more giggling, talking and wondering about what awaited us under the tree the next morning. Early the next morning we'd wake up, but our parents were always up first and our mom would have us all put on our robes and houseshoes. Then we would stand at the end of the hallway all in a row while my dad took pictures of us. After we endured the picture session we would race down the hallway to the living room. My parents always had the tree lights on and the rest of the lights off so the tree could shine it all its glory. There under the tree were all the sparkling presents (more than had been there just the night before). Each year we all received one special gift, something we really wanted that year. That gift would be wrapped in a special way, usually a large gift bag and would be laid in front of the tree along with our stockings. We would start by opening our special gift. Often we knew what it might be, but we were never quite sure. There would be much squealing and jumping up and down as we played with/tried on what we had received. Next we would open our stockings and pull out all sorts of fun things, which depending on the year included items such as slap bracelets (remember those?), flavored chapstick, small games, candy, fun pens and pencils, etc. After that we would pass out the other gifts and take turns opening one gift at a time so we could all see what everyone else received. After the gift opening we would have Christmas breakfast (either breakfast casserole or my mom's super yummy french bread) and then get ready for my grandparents and other relatives to come over for lunch. These types of Christmas memories and traditions are the ones I want to pass on to my children, beginning this year with Caylah.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

When I was little and asleep on Christmas Eve, Mom dipped our dogs paw prints in mud and let him walk all through the entry hall on the tile. She strung hay out everywhere, too. When we woke up, she told us that reindeer had been in the house. WE FREAKED!

Amy said...

The first year that my husband and I were married, I wanted a Christmas tree, but we were living in a mess, as we were building our house (while living in it), so my husband thought it would not make sense to put a tree in a "construction zone."
I was disappointed, but I understood.

Anyway, not too long after our discussion, I arrived home from work, but he wasn't there. Which was unusual, because he got off work much earlier than me.

So I waited and worried, and finally he showed up. He came in the house and asked me, "What is all of this stuff out on the porch?" And I looked at him confused, and replied, "What stuff? Where have you been?"

Then he said, "Help me get all of this stuff cleaned off of the porch."

So, I walked outside with him and he shouted, "Merry Christmas!"

The "stuff" on the porch was a tree, lights, ornaments, and tinsel.


Merry Christmas!
God Bless,

Rachel said...

My favorite Christmas memory is waking up on Christmas Day and not finding the bike I had wanted. I thought was a good girl and Santa had brought me lots of good stuff but I didn't understand why he wouldn't get me the bike. After we were finished my mom had asked that I get a trash bag in the garage to throw away the wrapping paper; to my surprise my bike with training wheels was waiting there for me along with my brother's Atari...what a great day! I was a good girl after all!

Whitney said...

Mrs. Stilettos sent me over. Love your blog!
My favorite Christmas memory is when we got a house for Christmas! When I was in high school, my parents started having a house built. For Christmas, my parents wrapped up copies of the blueprints for me, my sister and brother. They were the last gift we unwrapped that year, and then we got to go take a tour of the house that was already being built. It was a fabulous Christmas!

Andy said...

I believe it was Christmas of '95, and the movie The Christmas Story was very popular. The kid in the story wants a "Red Rider BB-gun" and everyone tells him, "You'll shoot your eye out kid." This particular year I wanted a rifle. I was (and still am) really into hunting stuff. My parents joked with me, quoting the line from the movie. Well, Christmas morning came, and I had finished all my presents, just like on the movie. Little did I know, I had one surprise waiting for me. My parents sent me on a chase throughout the house. I had to follow some string through the halls, out the front door, around the side of the house, into the backyard, and back through the back door. I was amazed when I got all the way back to where I had been sitting before, and I saw a Marlin lever-action 30-30 with a scope on it!!!! It was incredible!! I was speechless!
Later that day we all traveled to my aunt's house in Crowley. Upon arriving, I wanted to take my gun out and show everyone, but I was not allowed. An hour or so later, my cousins, brother, and I all went out into the big rice fields with our guns!! I was so excited. I had a rifle! I had never shot this rifle before, so I wanted to see how it shot. I came across a small "tweety" bird sitting on a branch about 15 yds away. I knew that if I hit this bird there would be nothing left but a feather. I could not use the scope because it had not been sighted in yet. I had to use the bore mounted sights instead. I rested the scope on my forehead to keep the gun from shaking. I took a deep breath and BOOOOOM. The gun fired, and I felt sting on my head, right above my left eye. I placed my finger where I felt the stinging and pulled it away to reveal bright red blood all over my hand. Luckily I was wearing a red shirt that day. I blotted my head with the bottom of my shirt, but the blood was still flowing.
As you can imagine, I was a little embarassed by this event. I, like the character from the movie, ended up almost "shooting my eye out," and now I had to face my parents with a bloody shirt and a moon-shaped gash on my head.

That is my Christmas story.

countrygirl3031 said...

My favorite Christmas memory was the year I got my Kissy doll. I remember seeing her sitting under the tree, because my mom didn't wrap presents from Santa. I loved that doll and carried her everywhere. She now sits in the corner of my bedroom bringing back the memories every time I see her!


Andy and Kelly said...

this is so pretty! well, ONE of my fav christmas memories would be the year that I got Birkenstock clogs from the G's! I was not expecting it AT ALL, and hadn't probably even asked for it, so it was super excited!!!

Can't wait to see you! will you be staying for music and Ruth Chris feast?!

The Shillingburg's said...

My husband and I got married on 12/21/02, just a few days before Christmas. We were on our honeymoon in New Orleans for Christmas. Some people at our wedding had given us a big box to open when we got to our hotel. In the box was a miniature Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments. It was so much fun to have that in our room that week. The tree made it feel a bit more like Christmas even though we weren't with our families.

Misty said...

my favorite christmas memory would have to be last year. We were able (finally) to have moved home to be with three kids we had cared for in foster care. they are like our own children, at heart. It was beyond amazing to be home with them, and have them woven into our holiday...

"Merry" mom said...

I have enjoyed reading all of these stories so much! Great idea. I have grand Christmas memories. I grew up in Candyland! So my memories are: cold crisp winter air with snowflakes falling fast and furiously. Mother baking candy cane butter cookies and making Russian Mint Pies. Cowboy coffee cake on every Christmas morning. My hands warmed on Christmas eve by my black fur muff. The sxcitement of see Grandad drive up early Christmas morning with many presents and the scent of pipe tabaco on his clothes. Grandma Roche and the white tissue paper with multi colored flecks that she used to wrap her many gifts. My mother playing Christmas music on the piano that she grew up on. Happines and joy always in my home. Spraying "snow" from a can on the windows with a stencil. Real trees, with wonderful pine smell, the memorable silver tree with the multi colored light show! Artifical trees holding a lifetime of ornaments. Snowflakes cut and hung from the ceiling. Barbie doll houses, Chatty Cathy, Cricket, baby dolls, lace dresses. Santa stories, Luke Chapter 2. Just to name a few! :D Merry Christmas, Love, mom oxoxoxoxoxoxo

angie said...

Love that we have to work for this one.

My best Christmas memory was the Christmas of 2005. I didn't expect to have my preemies home from the NICU, but they came home at 36 weeks gestation after only a few weeks in the NICU, so I spent the holiday season really feeling grateful for my blessings. It was wonderful to have all 5 of my children for Christmas!

Mother Hood said...

As a little girl, I was HORSE CRAZY in the worst way. I had a million horse books, posters, Breyer horse models, etc. The only thing I didn't have was a real live horse or pony.

When I was ten years old, we went up to my grandparents house for Christmas that year. They lived on 3 acres of foothill property. We had slept over on Christmas Eve.

Well, on Chritmas morning my dad walked in the house with a long rectangular box for me! I was SURE it was a bridle and bit for my new horse. Then he walked in with 2 identical boxes for my sisters.

I was so excited I almost peed my pants. As we opened our boxes, I became more and more confused. It was a hard plastic case with Martin written on it. I opened the case and there lay my brand new .22 rifle.

Huh? A rifle? What about my palomino pony? Isn't it waiting for me outside? Of course I never said this out loud. And I don't think I ever told my dad that my 10 year old self was let down for getting a gun instead of a horse that year!

Now that I think about it; I wonder what my sisters thought they were getting.

Mother Hood said...

CORRECTION: It was a Marlin .22 not a "Martin". Like anyone really cares. I just wanted to clarify.

Elizabeth said...

My favorite memory growing up was a family tradition. As a family, we would always go to the Christmas Eve candle light service. We then came home and my mom would make breakfast for us, egg casserole, some yummy pastry and fruit. We then would all help pick up and since my parents didn't support Santa Clause, we would all open our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve one by one. It was something that was unique to my family, since all my friends opened Christmas morning. So fun and I miss those times:)

Abby said...

My best Christmas memory is of the year that my husband finally got promoted and started making enough money that we were not living paycheck to paycheck. We bought my son a new stereo. He knew how tight our budget usually was and when he opened it he looked at us with tears in his eyes and said no way really for me??? Man I love him!

Tina:0) said...

I think I was around 9 or 10 years old (so this was in the mid 80's). The big thing was Jordache jeans & Izod shirts. We weren't poor, but lets just say finances were tight. We always had our family get together on Christmas Eve. Of course dinner was before gift opening, which prolonged the agony for us kids! (lol) When it was my turn to open presents, I ripped into the first box, & to my elation was a brand new pair of Jordache jeans!!! I was so excited & happy that I screamed & cried tears of joy! The next box was a purple & green striped Izod shirt. I was IT! I would be the best dressed kid at school! Here it is 23 years later & my family still talks about it - every year! I think had we had that moment on video it would have won America's Funniest Home Videos!

Tina Walp:0)

lauren c said...

one of my favorite christmas/winter memories was when our long steep driveway froze...and my whole family had to sled down the long dangerously steep driveway to where our car was parked to go to church!

Veggie Mom said...

When I was in elementary school, we lived in a house with a cathedral ceiling (2 stories) in the living room. This is where we also put our tree, always one to rival the Griswolds of Christmas Vacation fame! Anyway, the Christmas I was 8, we also got a kitten. My cousins came to visit on Christmas day. They brought their dog. The dog chased the cat up the tree. The tree came crashing to the floor, taking everything in its path with it, including the turkey, which had just been put out on the dining room table (yes, the tree crashed thru 2 rooms, it was so big!). Naturally, chaos ensued. We ate late that year...

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

I love this giveaway! Thank you :)

My favorite Christmas memory actually happens every year... we sit around the living room in my Grandparents' house, and open presents for hoursssss and it seems endless, but no one can open at the same time - everyone has to see every gift, and it has to be passed around. No gift goes unappreciated. Also, there are delicious treats involved. :)

I'll post about this on my blog, too!

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

just put this on my blog! :)

Pleasant Drive said...

my favorite christmas memory is probably last year. It was the first Christmas that my husband and I spent together, and we were able to spend portions of the day with each of our families. It was wonderful!

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