Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trendy Tuesday - Lash Injection

Have you seen this new mascara by Too Faced?
It's called Lash Injection and its like getting eye lash extensions without the actual extensions or the price.

Apparently it builds a "tube" around each lash, giving it a 3D look and extension off the tips. It even gives it a bit of a curl. For $20 it can be yours! And I must say, if it actually gives the same apperance as the real deal lash extensions, $20 isn't too bad.

But you should know...as most people don't read the "Precautions" on the product, this is what it says on Sephora's website:
-When removing this product, do not rub aggressively back and forth.
-Lash Injection does not dissolve into a gooey mess, but instead, slides off each lash like little lash "socks".
-Use a downward wiping motion to remove the 3-D polymers, in order to preserve healthy lashes.
Eyelash socks? Hmmm...don't know about this. I'm on the fence. What do you think?

10 lovely comments:

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I have seen that in ads before and have actually contemplated ordering some. I had NO idea about how it comes off, though! Eyelash socks!? Freak me out! HA! Have you used this??

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting...thanks for sharing such finds! Love how you have new fun things for us to ponder on everyday of the week! Good job! Well, off to Wal mart for bread...I find they have the best price...and YES, I was JUST there yesterday! Oh, well, they would miss me, if I didn't show up daily. :D Still watching the mail for my "special letter!" Love, mom oxoxoxoxo

Linds8 said...

I haven't used this brand but I have used another mascara that does a similar thing. It was very wierd! When it comes off, it comes off in little tubes. It freaked me out! I use Dior Blackout mascara and I LOVE it! I think it is only sold at Sephora.

Sara said...

socks on my eyelashes? hmmm, i do not know how i feel about that except freaked out. i'll have to have someone i know try it and tell me the real deal. :D

Bitty said...

Hmmm..."polymer" sounds a lot like "plastic" and less like "cosmetic chemical", so that's probably why it works, how it works, and why it comes off in...socks?
I'm SUCH a sucker for new mascara marketing, I haven't tried this, but if it looks like fake lashes, I may have to try.
After we fill the car up with gas. Cause, you know...that's a whole five gallons!

20Birds said...

20 bucks for mascara?, or whatever they call it, i need to think about this

Beauty From Ashes said...

Socks on my eyelashes??!! interesting concept. And 20 bucks for mascara..I'll just stick to my $4.99 cover girl. :)

Sara said...

well, i LOVE sephora, and even more so too faced, but eyelash socks??? thats a bit freaky if you ask me...i think that if i really need longer eyelashes, i'll still with the fake stick-on kind! thanks for an interesting and funny post :)

Melissa Lee said...

Do you think it really works?

I would pay that for it. YES!! Does Sephora have it? I swear, Sephora has everything.

Thanks for checking in on me last week for my special SITS day. I saw that you work at a seminary. If it's mine I'm going to need you to do some grade changing for me. (Southwestern AG in Dallas, TX)

Melissa at Stretch Marks

marisa said...

Ha, that sounds so interesting, and it would be a fun experiment. I would definetly try it. The 'socks' intrigue me!

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