Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hilarities: Run Away!

Did you ever watch the show You're On Candid Camera! with Dick Clark? I loved that show, and there have been many attempted "replica" versions, but nothing as good as the original (except maybe punk'd!) Anyways, I stumbled on this japanese video and was cracking up! It appears to be of the same thing you'd see on Candid Camera. Poor victims!

Happy Wednesday!

5 lovely comments:

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Okay, I laughed out loud throughout this entire thing. SO funny! Thanks for sharing!

Ariel said...

Oh my goodness!!! That's hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my most fav...was the last one where everyone "hit the deck!" Bunch of sheep! a tee hee made me laugh out loud! :D

Well, finally! I received my "special letter!" I'll call and read it to you...since it was NOT from you! :D

Thanks for making our Wed.s a funnrie kind of day... we need all the smiles we can get! :) Love, mom oxoxoxoxo

Andy and Kelly said...

LOL! That was HILARIOUS!!!! Leave it to the meeske to find this kind of video! Nicely done!

Sara said...

oh the hilarity!!!! thats way better than any candid camera episode that i saw! i'm still cracking up at the part where the whole mob grabs the guy and starts throwing him up above their heads like a mosh pit...great! thanks so much for sharing :)

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