Friday, May 30, 2008

FGF - Magazine WINNER!!!!

Free Giveaway Friday!!!!
Magazine Subscription WINNER!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, ENTRY #3, which belongs to tony, kelly & boys!

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Please email or facebook me your magazine selection from the list below, as well as your mailing address!!! See you all again this friday!


Happy Friday! This week's giveaway item is....

A 1-year subscription to your choice of one of the following magazines!

Better Homes & Garden
Country Home
Home Journal
Traditional Home

Rules (and these will be the NEW rules for every Friday)

1) How to enter: Please leave ONE comment answering the question of the day (question posted below). One comment per person, please!

2) You have to answer the question for the comment to count as an entry!

3) You have until Monday at 9 am to enter! Winner will be announced after that by a ramdom number selection from

4) Tell everyone you know about The Pink Potpourri!!!


What have you purchased/tried after reading about it in a magazine?

31 lovely comments:

The Gebbs said...

well, I haven't tried it yet because I just saw it, BUT I saw yesterday that Garnier makes an Eye puff reducer!!! I'm not sure that it can reverse the genetic pull of the bags under my eyes for only $11.93, but it's worth a shot! :D

Anonymous said...

Gebbs, if the Garnier works on you...then buy me a case...would you?!
The first thing that came to mind...was the Tide Stick! How did we ever live without that super cool invention! I remember seeing an add in some magazine and then heard it was fantastic and gave it a try...I need stock in that company! Have a great weekend! LOVE this weeks give a way! Great job Meeske! If we keep having this routine "weekend weather" might I suggest "rain boots" for next weeks give away! a tee hee hee! Love, mom xooxoxoxox

-Tony, Kelly & boys said...

Coke rewards? I actually signed up after I saw it on your blog... what a great thing! who knew!

Sarah Rose said...

Back in 6th grade, I read in Seventeen that you needed to "start your school year with a personal style". So what did I do? I decided that my personal style was going to be "the vest". I am SURE that Mom has plenty of pictures of me in the vests. Wow was I cool.

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh I am all about this! I'm a dork but I used to have a running list of items to try from magazines. I still keep Olay Quench lotion in my nightstand for my feet (thought I must say my dogs havne't seen it in a while!) I smell a winner! :)


Anonymous said...

Well, the only thing I usually try from a magazine is recipes. One of the best, most recent ones is for a decadent choc is easy (starts with a cake mix) and out of the 100 or so that I have fed it to, all LOVE it! I'll furnish the details if anyone is interested! Love your new "look" Allison! Pink definitely fits you, and my "son" configured it all so precious! :-) Love you BIG, sweet girl! MamaPooch

Jenmomof4 said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today!

I just saw the Garnier Eye puff reducer yesterday too! I even remarked about it to my 13 year old.

I am a sucker for tying new things when I see them in magazines!! I guess that's why the advertisers spend so much money on those ads! They work!

I recently tried the Venus Embrace to shave my legs and I love it!!

Susan Jablonski said...

I bought a mobile for my baby's nursery because it looked cute in a magazine...turned out to be a great purchase because he loves it! :)

Whitney said...

Well, I am a subscriber to Taste of Home, so I try their recipes ALL the time.

I also just bought some mascara I found in a magazine... Dior Black Out. LOVE IT!

emily harrod said...

well, my story is a little sad... i used to absolutely hate my curly hair, so back in about 9th grade i saw an ad for hair relaxer at walgreens called easy straight... let's just say it didn't quite work on my hair, and i couldn't wash my hair for 3 days afterwards b/c my hair follicles or something were "very fragile"! it was sad.

so anyway, that's my sob story! haha

Heather S. said...

Hi Allie! You left a comment on my hub's blog (which i write in every once in a while--so far he hasn't kicked me off) :) Nice to meet you!
I am a "Real Simple" magazine fan, so I have used a bunch of organizational stuff that they featured in their magazine, which i purchased at Target.
Prayers for you and your hub as he finishes seminary. Dave is doing an online master's through Rockbridge and has one more class to go!

Stacey said...

I've purchased some yarn after I saw a pattern in Knit 1 magazine. It turned out to be the best yarn I've ever purchased!

HeathahLee said...

I mostly try recipes (like in Taste of Home and some in Southern Living), but I also have used ideas for decorations. Mostly Christmas (LOVE Southern Living ideas!), but I've also gotten some pretty good ideas for other seasons.

BTW, thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Looking forward to checking yours out now! :)

Sara said...

i for sure tried self tanner a few times after seeing the results in magazines. sadly, i do not get the same results usually.

Chad said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. As for something I have bought out of a magazine, hmmm nothing comes to mind. I'm not much of a magazine guy unless it involves sports. Oh but wait we get this magazine in the mail called Clipper which has coupons in it for restaurants and stuff. We used one of those when we went out to eat a few weeks ago. Does that count?!?! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back some time.

Meg said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog, too! I've tried many new food products that I've read about in magazines. Activa cheese, not so good. Used metal tubing/pipes as curtain rods for that "urban look" (also, because it was so very cheap!), read about that one in some decorating magazine, not sure which one.

Thanks again for your visit!

Bitty said...

Hi! Thanks for cruisin' through my blog! Hmm...well, usually the thing in magazines that gets me is the recipes. I love trying new recipes. But I feel like years of browsing through magazines has also had a long-term affect on my confidence in decorating in a way that's both cute and unique.
Now, commercials are another thing entirely - before I found Mary Kay, it was always new cosmetic commercials that slew me, usually mascara!
I like home magazines - you know gardening, etc. - but I have to say that Martha Stewart has totally influenced my life - I mean, magazine, website, recipes, decor ideas - I even carried Martha Stewart roses when I got married! And a lot of that was through her magazine. She's my favorite felon :)

Anonymous said...

Hair Products!


Angie said...

I think that is where I read about Still, a perfume by Jennifer Lopez and it's my favorite perfume now.

Jendi said...

I tried Aveeno face cleaner and some baby things that I don't remember.

Oh - and Snapfish. :)

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I can think of is a Bebe au Lait/"Hooter Hiders" nursing cover that I saw in an ad at my dr.'s office. Wow, I definitely feel like a mom by this comment :)
Melinda (Blevins) Rowan

Kari said...

Sigg water bottles, I love them!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

kelly said...

I heat I have tried of lot of things...My Favorite thing was found in In Style. my havaianas, they are the best flip comfy.

Toystory said...

I don't remember the "very last thing" - but I did buy the ziploc food sealer. So far I am not having good luck with it.

Jin Gill said... - i "tried" out this website after i read about it in a magazine. it's a woman who reviews all types of cosmetics, skin care, etc. i hope i win!!

Linda said...

I tried a recipe from Better Homes & Garden.

cmaxwell said...

Aveeno body wash & lotion. I love it and it is one of the few things I can use that doesn't send my allergies into hyper drive.

Mel C said...

I've visited touristy places after seeing them in magazines...especially in or near wherever I'm living. It really makes life feel more like a vacation!

April Schadt said...

That famous Bumbo seat that everyone has now for their babies! We got it before they even sold them in stores - saw it advertised as something new and found it online from a website in Africa where they are made! Love it! - April

Kim said...

I read some tips about ways to clean things in your kitchen in Better Homes and Gardens once. It said that when you are cleaning your microwave heat of cup of hot water for 2 minutes first then all you have to do is wipe it out. I tried and it worked. I have done it ever since. I hope my number gets picked I REALLY need that "Parents" magazine. I know I'm going to be clueless. :)

momof3crazykids said...

I found in one magazine last year the Mario Badescu line, specifically the Drying Lotion. I have gone on to use their facial cleansers and lotions and other stuff and just love, love, love it all.

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