Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trendy: Nail Polish Pen!

I love to paint my nails! So when I saw this in one of my magazines last week, I was totally pumped. The brilliancy of this new Nail Polish Pen makes me want to paint my nails every day! No worries, no spillage, no mess :) All you have to do is click the pen a few times to circulate the paint into the brush tip, and paint away! Lots of companies are now creating these. This featured one is Yves Saint Laurent Nail Touch nail polish pen ($23). Have you tried this yet?

In other news, my WHEEL OF FORTUNE audition is tomorrow. I'm so excited to get to do this and totally have no expectations of moving on to the next level. In fact, I'm sure I'll be the girl that screams "Pat, give me a T!" and he'll be like, "Sorry, but the player before you just picked that letter. There are 5 on the board." :)

I know, I know...you all want to know who won the FREE GIVEAWAY FRIDAY! Well, stop reading this and go check out the entry below in the Giveaway Post :P The winner has been posted there!!!

4 lovely comments:

G-E-B-B-S said...

well, I am sad that I did not win, BUT I am thrilled that a new guest DID win! The paint pen is soooo cool, and i will have to try one! paint doesn't stay on my nails long, so maybe i'll try it on my toes. Anywho, good luck tomorrow!!! make sure you pay close attention, and wow them with your personality! also, I don't think wearing your sequin tube top could hurt! :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to #98!!!! How fun this has been to read the post and wait in anticipation to see who would receive this awesome prize! :D Bravo!!!

Kendall and I are on our way to run errands and I think we have to search for this paint pen! WOW! I LOVE whoever came up with that idea! Hope it works as well as it sounds that it will!

Remain positive about WOF! You have always gone toward those things that are super important to you with great gusto! You have wanted to be on WOF ALL of your life! :D You will have a great time and an awesome memory! We will be praying for grand things to happen tomorrow!
Thanks for having such a fun and cute page and for all of the neato info! God Bless, Love, mom oxoxo
p.s. I agree with gebbs, wear the sequin tube top...if you think it would help, we could drive down and wear ours...to support you, of course! Speck so?!

Elizabeth said...

YEAH for Wheel of Fortune tomorrow! I totally hope you get on! And I'm excited to find out what the prize will be on Friday since I missed my chance last week! And I'm totally going to knit something for you to give away:)

ikkinlala said...

I am thrilled to have won, but I'm not sure where to find your e-mail address!

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