Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome to The Pink Potpourri!

Welcome to the new blog! The Pink Potpourri is a fun, girlie, classy page updated daily for you! Thanks to my wonderful friend, Michael Thomas, for helping me design and create this new page!!! It was designed to bless you each day!

The meaning behind the title choice, The Pink Potpourri? Well, pink is my most favorite color, soft, girlie and beautiful. Potpourri has two meanings: 1) the smelly good, fresh, flowery aroma to brighten any room and 2) a hodgepodge, collection or assortment of something.

This new blog represents all those things. Five new topics will be posted each day of the week, so you will have something new to be educated and entertained by each day!

Monday Mayhem
Trendy Tuesday
Hump Day Hilarities
Thoughtful Thursdays
Free GIVEAWAY Fridays!

So, welcome, my friend, make yourself at home, tour around and enjoy the new features. And of course, enter for the "Grand Opening Celebration Giveaway" below!!!!

6 lovely comments:

Anonymous said...

So, are we to enter at this comment setting or the one below? I wrote on both as a just in case. :D
Love...from "who else, but mom" xoxo

Chris Flora said...

This is Chris and Mindy, we want to win!

Allie Parker said...

DON'T COMMENT HERE TO ENTER TO WIN THE GIVEAWAY! you have to leave comments on the post under this one :)

thanks for pointing that out, mom!

Rebecca Smith said...

I love your page! We need to have lunch again soon!

Elizabeth said...

Love the new website!! Looks great:)

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog Allie! It's so you! :) Miss you guys - hope you had a great holiday weekend!

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