Monday, October 19, 2009

39 weeks and 4 days...

For the enquiring minds, Baby Stone has still not arrived. Only 3 more days until my DUE DATE!!! I was hoping Stone would want to join us ASAP but apparently the cool fall days and frost-bitten evenings make him want to jump into my rib cage and stay as warm as possible :)

My husband took me on a wonderful date night this weekend, which is exactly what a 9 month pregnant woman needs. He took me to a local pottery painting place and we each decorated a HUGE coffee mug (like the ones in the coffee shop on Friends!) and then out to dinner to settle my chinese food cravings!

Hopefully the next time I post, you will be able to meet precious Stone...I had better not be labeling my next post "41 weeks and counting..." :)

23 lovely comments:

Luke said...
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Kendall and Luke said...

i love this picture! i think it's my most fav of all your belly shots! I can't wait to meet Mr. Stone and the excitement heightens the closer we get!!

Meg said...

you are beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of baby Stone!

Abby said...

I can't wait to see baby stone!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

You can not be 9 months pregnant and look that cute!!!!
I cant believe you are nine months-How exciting!!!
And you look AMAZING!!!

mom said...

Oh my goodness, how very precious you look... and ARE! Enjoy each and everyday that you hold this tender child in your belly...he will be here soon enough and with all of the joys of holding and snuggling him in your arms and holding him up to your chest...then you will miss his tumbling around in your womb. Ah... the grass is always greener or so it seems...speck so. I prayed this a.m. that you and your husband would relish these last few days of the two of you... the quietness and stillness of preparation...get away for the winter months...speck so. Well, your m&p are ready and waiting to serve...but until continue to "wear" your pregnancy well. If you have not done so...hop onto fb and check out Ms. Cross' site of pics of new grand babe...fabulous...they will make you smile! Have a grand day! Love mom/mops...toodles for now! :D

Kelley said...

you are just so cute! I pray that you can get some rest before that sweet baby is born, and that everything goes smoothly when he does!

Jennifer said...

I know you're anxious for his arrival!! Hoping he comes soon - I know that carrying around a baby is such hard work. Looking forward to seeing little Stone when he arrives!!!

Jennifer Leigh said...

So exciting! just a few more days!!! Still crossing my fingers you get internet at home! I can't wait to see your little man.

Sara said...

you just look so adorable! you are all baby :) can't wait to "meet" the little one!!! praying for you and for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy!

NWRS said...

Good luck! The waiting game is never fun, but they are definitely worth it! You sure make a cute pregnant lady!

Sweet Simplicity said...

You look fantastic! I hope little Stone decides to come soon! Keep us updated!

Elizabeth said...

You're looking great! Can't wait to meet Mr. Stone in pictures soon:)

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

You are beautiful. Can't wait to see his sweet pictures. Take care.

2 Little Irish Boys said...

WOW! You are glowing and beautiful. I cannot believe that little lad hasn't arrived yet. Can't wait to see his picture!
Funny story, I had a Thai Food craving that I fulfulled on Dec. 28--Dec. 29 Cash came!!
He came 7 days early and so did Cillian--that little boy is gonna rock your world.......just wait!!

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Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

girl, you look amazing! i hope you get to meet him soon, so exciting!! and that date sounded wonderful and so much fun=)!

zentmrs said...

Hope your little guy makes his appearance soon! You look fantastic - and I'm sure will look even better with Baby Stone in your arms. Good luck!

angie said...

I can't wait. You really are lovely!

Miss M! said...

Today's the day! I'm so excited for you! You've got the cutest belly. I was big as a house when it came time to deliver.

Abby♥ said...

I just saw pictures of baby stone! he is PRECIOUS! I saw them on your sister Kendall's blog. Congratulations! what a cutie!

Mama Blair said...

Congrats! He is adorable!!!

Tiaras said...

you are so tiny!! and so cute!

Congrats on you new little man!

Take it (really) easy now - you don't want scar tissue!

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