Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughtful Thursdays: Alone Time

We're off to a late start here at The Pink Potpourri today...

First off, a few matters to post:
1) SWAP BUDDIES HAVE BEEN SENT!!! I emailed everyone their buddy yesterday, so let the planning begin! Please email me if you have not received your buddy, or have any questions :)

2) We have a winner for yesterday's funny contest! Thanks *j for your entry about the old lady at the grocery store :) Please email me your address so I can send you your prize!

3) This weekend is DECK WEEKEND 2008!!!! So be ready for lots of pics next week!!!

Now, onto our thoughts...

I was reading in Mark 1:35-39 where Jesus goes off to a solitary place to spend time with his Father. He gets up, while all are still asleep, and slips out into the quietness of the night. Its quiet. He's all alone. No one else is there. No disruptions, no questions, no needs...just him and God. What an incredible time! He is fully focused on what he is doing.

Now think about it...time like that is very precious...and all of us experience that need for time along. Jesus could have done anything he wanted! Kept sleeping, ventured off to the city, whatever he wanted. He chose to spend that time in prayer with God!

What do you do in your spare time? What do you do when things have calmed down for the day, or even in the quietness of the morning before the sun rises? What do you do with the quietness of your day, even if it is just for a few moments?

I hope you are encouraged as I was today to be thoughtful of how you can use your time...these precious minutes the Lord has given us each day. Next time I feel like watching a few more minutes of TV, I pray that God would put it on my hear to spend time with Him! Or use that time to invest in and bless others!

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sassy stephanie said...

When my first baby was still, well, a baby, (she's 7.5 now) I was so good about using nap time as my alone time to read God's word. In shame, I admit I have lost that habit. I am on the computer more than I read and when I do read, it is for entertainment.

I am going to start with baby steps...5 minutes each day for two weeks. Then, I will add 5 more for two weeks. I think I will have my quiet time in the morning when the kids are off to school.

Thank you for this prompt...I really needed it.

Meg said...

I'm so excited for the swap! I love my partner! I have never been to her site before so that was awesome.

Are you praticipating in the swap? Who did you match yourself up to?

Anonymous said...

Great post! Great reminder! I agree that out of obedience and the example here in God's Word, we must make time to meet with Him. It is our only survival! He longs to spend time with much so that His Word says that He does not slumber! Totally available!
First thing in the morning IS my best time, sometimes, my only time. Yes, the things of the world tug at us and draw us into and away from this most precious time with our Savior.
There are seasons of life that cause us to have long times with Him or short times with Him, but it the quality of what we do with that which is given. Memorizing the Word and praying it back to Him...that has been my saving grace.
See you Friday and I hope and pray you begin to recover and feel better soon! Nasty allergies! God Bless, Love, mom oxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder - thanks for sharing. It is SO easy to get caught up in the busyness of life sometimes but we really do need to slow down and "be still".

I am SO excited about the swap!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post AGAIN! Thanks for the reminder, friend. I am horrible at this but it is ever so important as life gets busier and busier...

Karen said...

So very true. Thank you for the reminder. Time is something that should not be wasted. Sometimes it's easy to forget that there is not a endless bank account of time.

Miss Anne said...

Great post indeed!

In the quiet times, I find myself writing out letters/cards to my family/friends near and far.

I love to get mail and know others do too, so I make a point of mailng out 5-10 cards/letters a week.

I also enjoy reading on the patio, journaling, creating, etc.


Meg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meg said...

This is unacceptable for me. I think you should be in your own swap. I'll swap with you.

HeathahLee said...

This is a very timely reminder for me...I tend to wake up and hit the floor running instead of spending some quality time with Jesus. It affects my day when I don't do it, that's for sure!

Megan said...

I am very excited to do the swap! In fact, I got things together today. :0) I love my alone time. Something that will always make me feel better is a bubble bath. It is so calming and I can think and clear my head....if only there were waterproof bibles I might be able to do my devotions in there! ;)

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