Friday, September 18, 2009

baby shower #4...last one i promise!

Last weekend some of my most wonderful church friends threw me a baby shower! Stone and I were showered with so many fabulous baby gifts. I am a very blessed lady :)

Here I am at 34 weeks at my shower!

The two incredible hostesses!

My mom and me

My dad and me. This is the outfit and book he picked out for Stone. I love the scripture verse he wrote on the inside of the book. Pops will be the best!

have you ever seen these? this little lamby is actually a lay your baby on it and they cuddle with the lamb's head. Um...I'll take one of those for myself, please...

Remember when we didn't know the sex of Stone and I always referred to him as Lil' Pumpkin?

11 lovely comments:

Lindsey said...

Aww what a fun shower! You look great!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

How sweet!!!
You look so beautiful!!!
I want to get a lamb for me, too!

Jennifer said...

Aww adorable. You sure got some great things. LOVE the Lil' Pumpkin. :)

Selena said...

You look adorable!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

You look so cute! I love that dress on you! So much fun!

Elizabeth said...

Oh fun! Glad you enjoyed your time. Now... pictures of Baby's room please?!:)

Where My Treasure Is said...

You and Zack (and Stone=) have been incredibly blessed with so many showers! God is so good!

lol..yeah, if you can find another little lamb for me, grab it! And the little pumpkin outfit is adorable!! You look great! It's been fun to see how much Stone has grown over the months. Just a few more weeks to go!!

erinkern said...

Okay, on that first picture, I could only see your face when it loaded, and I assumed this was a post with pictures from before you were PG---meaning, you look great! It is all in your belly, girl! :)

Jennifer Leigh said...

It just shows how much your got some awesome stuff! Speaking of which who makes that lamb pillow its adorable!

Check out my blog I'm in the middle of a baby event: I'm giving away strollers, Tummy Tubs, high chairs, flat screen monitors, etc!

Jillian said...

WOW! Baby shower number four! You are definitely one blessed family!

Enjoy these memories...I still do. I love the little pumpkin PJ. You are going to be such a good Mommy!

Nishant said...

You look so cute! I love that dress on you! So much fun!

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