Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday: What are you thinking?

I'm still sick today. Can't breathe. Can't sleep. Can't keep my eyes open. Can't think straight.

What is slowly moving around in my brain is...

-Why won't this head cold go away? Why doesn't Claritin work???

-I am SO HAPPY about the weather being in the 80's this weekend!

-I think Fez might be having a low-key day today...he was abundantly served with human food last night by all our college students. He was the entertainment of the evening!

-Cereal is not as good when you get to the bottom of the box. Its all crumbs. Its like "cereal backwash"

I usually have more thoughts than this, but the snot/drainage has taken up all my brain space in my head :(

On a happier ending note, BABY CARNATION STATUS: exactly the same. I'm almost convinced these bad boys are immortal. How long do carnations live? Apparently this baby-sex predictor does not want to share its secrets sooner than later! When there is a significant change, I'll be sure to post a picture!

What's on your mind today? What are you thinking about?

13 lovely comments:

mom said...

I'm thinking:
You will have 6 children: 3 boys and 3 girls! My 3 pink carnations lived for over 2 weeks!

Why can I not ever leave this house ON TIME?

Why are the G's always cold? Yesterday it was 61 degrees and G had a chenile sweater, a velour jacket, her winter coat and the heat set on high in the car...I could barely drive I was so hot! WHY?!?
Why is my yoga stuff all in the cabrio and setting for 4 days at the airport? Are they using it out there?
What is the sex of this future grandchild? Do I have enough $ to support my grandma habit?
Can I make it to all of the garage sales and still to yoga and back home for lunch?
Why do geese honk madly at 6:00a.m.?
My thoughts...few but complete. I love you...have a great day! Praying for healing...soon!!! Love, mom oxoxoxoxoxo

Andy and Kelly said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! I was going to call you yesterday, but i didn't want to bother you :/ Feel better soon!

I like your blog today, it's sort of a venting tool for me! I had LOTS of thoughts this morning while drying my hair, which is when the most creative thoughts come through, so here it goes!

Why can't kids listen and follow directions? why must they misbehave when there is a sub in the room. am i actually an effective teacher to junior high kids? would i be better at high school? why can't i just start having babies and make them good people? am i even going to be a good mom? why do i have to explain things to the kids like 50 times, and they still don't listen to the answer? I wish it was closer to the end of school. am I going to get my IMAP stuff done in time? will I pass and be able to renew my liscense this year?
I wish Andy was here. I wish track didn't consume so much of his time. I want to be on the cruise right now...

I don't mean for all of those things to be negative, that's just how i feel right now :/ maybe i'll post again later after walking in the sunshine!

Melinda said...

Unfortunately the bad part about being pregnant is that you can't take anything that really helps when you are sick. Maybe once everything blooms your cold will calm down.

Roxane said...

Carnations can last you a few weeks believe it or not! Sorry you are feeling crappy, hope the great weather this weekend helps :)

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Hope you feel better really soon!! I am thinking I like that the weather says it is gonna be 77 degrees today--yipee!!

Sara said...

i really hope you feel better soon! i was sick for 2 weeks with pneumonia not too long ago, so be careful to take care of yourself!!! oh, and coming from the daughter of a florist, carnations can seriously live for almost a month! (however, if you want them to die sooner, don't give them water, haha)...take care!

Angie Yeats said...

I'm so sorry your sick!!! It's so much harder when your pregnant.... :oS

My thoughts right now....

....aaaahhhh the kiddo's are down for a nap!
....I can check e-mail!
....wonder what I should have for lunch that is healthy?
....wonder when JM will be home with Briley today?
....wonder if he will remember to stop to get the eggs?
....Oh well if he doesn't I guess I get to go get children with me....feels like my birthday! lol...that's just funny Angie...your birthday isn't for a few more months....
....maybe I'll just forget lunch and take a much needed mom nap! Yep!

....bye! Feel Better!!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Hope you feel better! I love your term "cereal backwash"! It's the perfect word for what's left! HA

I had no idea about carnations being an indicator for baby's sex??? So going to have to remember this when my time comes!

Michelle - Natural Bath and Body Provider said...

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Sarah Rose said...

Just fyi... when I'm pregnant, I always get terrible colds, especially at the beginning. My doctor recommended Mucinex D (you have to get it behind the pharmacy counter), and it was WONDERFUL. I'd ask your OB or a nurse if they'd recommend it before buying it; it IS a little expensive, but it's my little miracle pill!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better!

Right now I am thinking...

Why did I just eat all of those sunflower seeds!

Kendall said...

"Perk Up Your Day" is my favorite!! it matches my kitchen that i will have as a newlywed and it's just so cute!!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

fun post - I hope you feel better!

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