Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays - What in the world are you thinking?

My head is full of thoughts today...

-Is it going to hold off on the rain until I need to go outside?

-What should I make for dinner?

-I hope my husband is staying dry at his moving job today.

-I hope Fez isn't throwing up all over our bed (last night we went for a walk down to McD's and back...during our journey, Fez ate three sandwich crackers, half of a burger bun, a jelly bean, a few bites of Zack's ice cream, and then some surprise stuff in the back yard...)

-My cheerios taste stale this they have cereal in the cafe?

-Did I switch the laundry over? Or will I be re-washing that last load...

-Why are apartments so close together? Why aren't they called "closements" or "stackments"?

Hope you enjoyed your journey through my brain full of thoughts on this Thursday.

What are YOU thinking about today?

18 lovely comments:

Caroline said...

Thats right! apartments are right beside eachother.... hmmm... I an thinking about my trip tomorrow, my new Pjs, singing in the rain, school, and our house selling.

Anonymous said...

Apartments should definitely be called "closements"!! As an apartment dweller I can attest to that one.
I'm thinking:
- I hope Caylah's cold/allergies are better today
- It's sad about Natasha Richardson dying from a simple accident
- I wish I was at home instead of at work
- What will I fix for dinner?
- I want to take a LONG nap
- I need more coffee!

Meg said...

Hope fex doesn't throw up on you!

I'm thinking about:
Gage being sick again
My nieces birthday that I probably won't be able to go to now.
me getting sick

its really all about the sickness at the moment.

J. Leigh Designz said...

:) I blogged my random thoughts too! I used to always switch the laundry over before leaving until our fire. Knowing the dryer could start a fire is a real fear to me now. Plus, my laundry room is upstairs on the second floor so if it flooded it would be a complete disaster! LOL!

mom said... thoughts were distracted over the Fez's menu! My thoughts...verrrrry interesting. I think they move at the speed of light...however, here are a few...
*Why does Elle become so depressed and unwilling to do her potty-pots thing when Stev is gone? Isn't nanners a sufficient replacement?
*Why did the Lord chose me?
*What happened last night to displace the birds nest that is laying upside down in the driveway?
*Don't forget to take dinner to the Pastor's house tonight! YIKES!
*Should I shower and then go to the post office or just go...and get it over with!
*Be still...don't over react...let my words be few... get over it...move on.
*Do I dare jump into the car, grab Elle and head to the beach? Right now? Do I dare?
Just a few. p.s. I love the apartment thing...maybe it is because people live so close together yet really lead lives far apart. Just a thought. Good to hear your voice sky and sunshine here... no worries about the rain today. Love, mom oxoxoxoxox

Kelley and Rhett said...

ohh many things!
-will we ever get our backyard looking nice?
-why does my vacation have to be coming to an end?
-when will i study for my test?
-will our house sell?
-I wish my hubby would start feeling better
-why am i awake?

lovejustice said...

- is it too early to plan details about our wedding?
- I wish office coffee didn't taste so awful
- finding a new place to rent
-finances, finances, finances
- two out of four of my grandparents are seriously ill

Jillian said...

Oooh great idea to unload all of these thoughts swirling around:

-Why does my cat insist on making noise and bothering me right after I put the baby down for a nap?
-Should I go out into this rain today?
-What should we have for dinner?
-Do I really have to go out in the rain today?
-Should I be doing something else besides blogging?
-How much more time do I have before the baby wakes up!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Oh I hate having to rewash a load of laundry =)!! Closements, haha, so true!

andy said...

I'm thinking...If they get olive oil from olives...where do they get baby oil from?

Anonymous said...

Glad to know I am not the only women with 100 things running through my head at any given moment!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I am thinking about taking a bath while the baby is sleeping...will it be worth it? Or will the baby wake up, crying and I should have taken a much shorter shower...
Well, you asked!

HeathahLee said...

I am wondering if it's going to be okay to let Kiddo go to baseball practice today...he's still coughing some...I'm wondering if I will EVER get over this same cough that he gave me...I'm wondering if Momma's new chemo pill is making her feel sick...I'm wondering if my sister and nephew had a good time visiting her...and I'm wondering if I take a nap will this headache go away?

sassy stephanie said...

You are too funny. Stackments. Catchy.

Fez sounds like he's been following my recent-until-now diet!

Mrs. Cardenas said...

My thoughts:
-I thought I was being clever with coming up with the name Thoughtful Thrusdays on my blog until I saw yours today! lol I guess that was already done.
-wondering if people will start reading my blog again since I left the blog world for a while
-trying to decide if I really want to go to work tonight
-thinking about calling SWIC to see how much massage therapy classes will cost
-thinking about doing more planning to the work float trip I'm trying to plan. Etc...

If you have time stop by and read my thoughtful thursday post!

Pleasant Drive said...

hmm. i'm thinking about closing the computer and taking a quick nap. enjoyed this post.

Roxane said...

I'm thinking...Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Sorry you burnt yourself using your chi for your shirt, the story did make me giggle a bit because i've done it before LOL

Life with Kaishon said...

I am thinking "Man I love that puzzle! I wish I would have seen that giveaway!" and also "Why oh why am I in this freezing cold office this morning with my MEAN boss! : )" Hope your Monday is happy and bright. Did you have to re wash the laundry?

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