Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays - What are you thinking?

I had so much fun reading your thoughts last week, I think I'm going to do it again this week...

My current thoughts...

-I CAN'T believe I messed up the simple egg omlete for the office birthday party. How could I be so dumb as to put a whole pint of heavy whipping cream in instead of 1 1/4 cups? least people still ate it.

-Why didn't I wear my awesome rain boots today? Clearly, its raining!

-DWTS clearly made the right choice ditching Denise. She was horrible.

-Don't forget to do the homework assignment before class tonight! I'll put a post-it on my desk right now...

-My happy thought for the day...Zack doesn't have to go to work today...BUT there are about 3 huge-normous stacks of plates, cookware and cups from our party last night and my chaotic omlete and muffin making this morning that HE gets to clean :)

What are YOU thinking about today?

13 lovely comments:

lovejustice said...

I'm thinking that this rain that's looming overhead might not work well with BBQ for dinner, but might make for a great excuse to take a nap with a book.

mom said...

I'm thinking:
Why hasn't she posted Thoughtful Thursday yet...on my return visit..."oh, I see".

What is DWTS?...a phone call to you..."oh, I see!"

Do I really need to clean?

What does if feel like to be healthy and have energy... it has been a week!

I love the spring...the birds chirpping are making me happy right now!
Love thoughtful thursday and love you! See you on Friday! Love, mom xoxoxooxxooxo

HeathahLee said...

I'm thinking I'm tired of hurting people's feelings because I don't think before I act.

I'm wondering if we're going to get tornadoes tomorrow.

I'm hoping my weekend with my sister and cousins is as fun as I want it to be.

I'm wondering if I can still pull off a lunch with my bff tomorrow even though I'm taking food down to a family after a funeral.

I'm wondering what DWTS is. : )

Meg said...

I need rainboots for this silly rain.

I got a pell grant that covers almost my whole school. Hooray!

&I bought new shoes today.

I'm having a great day so far.

Angie Yeats said...

I'm thinking....

There is a mountain of clothes to wash get to it Ang...

I need to organize my closet again thanks to my kids and their love for books

I have 2 hours of quiet right now and all I want to do is sit on the couch and read while it rains-ish

I need to get off the computer so I can do all of the above

and lastly...I love my husband and kiddo's! :o)

Roxane said...

I'm thinking: Why did I NOT pack an umbrella today? clearly it is raining...

andy said...

I'm wondering if Adam and Eve had a belly button

Sara said...

my current thoughts:

"i hope Allie likes her Toasted Coconut soap i mailed today!"

"why is the dog barking now?"

"wow, i actually know what DWTS is" (for everyone else out there...Dancing with the Stars)...and i'm glad Denise is gone too!!!

"this coffee tastes great...i need about 10 more cups to stay awake"

"how am i ever going to get everything done in time for the Lock-In/12-Hour Famine my youth group is doing tomorrow night?"

"i need to quit playing on blogspot and finish this paper since it's already over-due!"

"love the smell of this new shampoo!" (i ordered some from Sephora the other day that is organic and all-natural, and it smells AMAZING!)

okay, thats all for now, but since my brain goes 50 mph, there are many more.... :)

mom said...

I'm thinking... I love this thoughtful thursday thing and I love reading everyone else's thoughts before I turn off the lights of my own for the night. Sweet dreams and good night. God Bless, Love, mom xoxoxo

Vikki said...

I am thinking about how much I love playing with Cash on the swing. He just laughs and laughs. Wonderful!!

Paige said...

I am thinking that this sinus headache is causing me not to think! Hee hee..

Have a great weekend!

J. Leigh Designz said...

I'm still hoping my boys are ok after fallind down a complete set of solid oak stairs :(

Kelley and Rhett said...

I know it's know saturday, but I'm still thinking the same things...

-Will someone want to buy our house?
-How long will we have to wait before that?
-Will I pass my ENPC class? (that was a thrusday thought, and yes I did!)
-Can I finish these last 4 thank you notes any day soon?

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