Friday, March 6, 2009


Bad news here at The Pink Potpourri HQ...we had a donator set up to be featured this weekend and donate an awesome giveaway, but she did not deliver. The date was set but I never heard back from her this week as planned, so I post here empty handed.

No worries, though, NEXT friday we have a terrific giveaway that has already been confirmed :) I am so excited! The winner will smell terrific....oh, I've said too much :)

But you can still enter for a giveaway this weekend! My great friend, Megan, and Wandering DC is giving away a really cool t-shirt!!! So go enter to win!

PS...I need your HELP! My parents 32nd anniversary is coming up next week, and according to the "traditional gifts" for that year, its an automobile! Um....are you kidding me? Here's a new car, Mom and Dad! Happy Anniversary! HA! As much as I'd love to do that, I need some "automobile themed" gift ideas, or maybe even just a neat anniversary gift idea with any sort of theme. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

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J. Leigh Designz said...

Need one? I'll throw you one right now?!?! Let me know?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could send them out to dinner in a Limo?

Kelley and Rhett said...

you could get them a little hot wheels? as a joke, and then get them matching snuggies! haha jk

Kelley and Rhett said...

i really don't know why i punctuated with a ?

Amy said...

Maybe get them some automobile accessories. Things they can use IN the car!

Meg said...

I like the send em out in a limo idea

but for a more cost friendly idea you can make a car wash kit. Put all the things you need for a car wash.

Or you can give them a gift certificate to a detail place to have their cars detailed.

Or if they don't have one you can buy them a GPS.

Sara said...

ooo, i'm excited about the giveaway also!!! :) i love Kelly's idea of the Limo too...or maybe, if they're into it, some tickets to see some Nascar racing??? i'm not sure what else you could do! good luck!

Liz said...

Two words: Hot Wheels.

Meredith said...

Get them a model car kit. Especially if you can find them one of their first car.


PS. I think that I have something that you can use for FGF today if you would like. I can email you a picture of it, if you would like.

Lisa said...

check out the seller allysonhill on etsy. she makes these super cute car trash bags. i got one for my sis for christmas & she loves it. they are very well made even cuter in person. :)

Mother Hood said...

Maybe go in with your sibs and rent them a classic car from the year they were married for the day.

OR make some sort of scrapbook or slide show of the cars they have owned through out dating, marriage and family life. It might be cool for them to see how their cars have evolved over the years.

If you do a slide show you can put it to music according to the era of each car.

Anonymous said...

Go to and in the search bar select sellers type SCFdesigns. She can make you a personalized "card" on artist canvas. She just finished making a big one for a 50th anniversary. There are some example on the website. She personalizes it for you personally. She has all kinds of stickers and beads and fun things to decorate it with and she could do car themed if you asked her too. I would check it out... They're AmAzInG! :-)

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