Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Mayhem - Mircowave

Hubby and I have been in our new house since Thanksgiving. Right away we installed a new stove/oven (double oven, i might add!) and a fridge. We purchased a new matching microwave as well, but did not have time to install it, as the Hubby said it would be a 3 day project to ventilate it out the roof...

At first, I freaked out at the idea of not having a microwave. How would we eat?!? Well, a microwave is not as necessary as I thought. Hot tea or hot chocolate? Heat on stove. Reheat last night's leftovers? Heat in oven! It does take longer than a quick microwave zap, but I think it heats through better.

The only downfall was no popcorn, but no worries...Hubby and I survived.

Well, on Saturday, the Hubby had a retreat lunch he attended, so I spent that time scrubbing down the house. I cleaned it GOOD. I was so excited and couldn't wait for him to come home and see my work.

He walks in the door and beelines to the microwave. "I have decided to install this today, and I'll be cutting a hole in the wall to make it fit." Within five minutes, the saw was out, and the house was FILLED with a dust cloud. If you've never experienced a dust cloud in your house due to construction, you are lucky. Dust lands EVERYWHERE. Even in places you've never dusted before.

My jaw hit the ground. My hours of cleaning were gone in a matter of seconds. Being the godly, loving wife that I am, I my quiet, clean office.

When I returned, the microwave was installed and the Hubby had just finished vaccuuming up his mess. Crisis averted, and microwave working!

Here's the before and after (well this is actually a before we moved in "before", but you can see there's no microwave and the old appliance):

And to top off your Monday, here is a picture of our dog, Fez. It's hard to see him, but he's peeking in his little window where he runs to when he's ready to be let back in. It's funny to walk around the corner and see his little head there with his snout pressed up against the glass. I'll have to take a picture some time and show you his markings :)

25 lovely comments:

mom said...

Poor Fez, I can hear him say, "Hey, mom, where's my doggie door? Did you forget to move it?"

The kitchen is shaping up nicely! Love the applicances! Can't wait to see you Thursday, BIRTHDAY GIRL! Have a grand day! God Bless, Love, mom oxoxoxoxoxoxo

Abigail Hutchinson said...

Oh wow! The kitchen looks great!!! hey, and not having a microwave isn't such a bad thing...but no ventahood??? ewwwww what if you burn something? heheh! Stinky!
Ahhh so your birthday is this week? Happy Birthday!

Rachel said...

What a difference in the kitchen.

BTW did he notice how clean the house was before the dust cloud? LOL

Heather said...

Lovely new kitchen!! I'm so excited I won the ring! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Nice shiny appliances! They look so good!

Tori said...

It looks so good!! We did just the opposite at our house...went without a stove for a couple of months but had a microwave...sounds like your way would've been easier!! ha ha, but what remodeling is easy??

The Shillingburg's said...

After we moved in to our house, my husband cut a hole in the wall and installed a doggie-door. BEST THING EVER!! Our cat uses it as well so we don't even have a litter box.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Looks GREAT girl! And I have to admit...I doubt I would quietly go about my business after cleaning the entire house. I think I would have freaked. ;)

Shannon said...

Wow!! It looks so shiney and new! Looks great!

Nancy said...

It IS beautiful. Celebrate by making some popcorn!!

My home - My life said...

Oh I would have had a panic attack if my hubby did that! haha

Looks great by the way!

Jillian said...

Wonderful transformation! Love it!

We had a door similar to yours in our kitchen and our three cats would sit and stare at us...mostly leaving their nose marks on the glass!

PS. I think I realized my mistake with your giveaway too late! I was promoting the wrong Friday. Oops! Well, I found the gal who creates blog graphics and I may be calling on her to help me out anyway. :0)

Amy said...

That is so nice. I could use a whole new kitchen myself.

Amy said...

Very nice oven, stove, microwave set up! And we'll keep praying about a matching dishwasher.;)

Your pooch is cute too. I think dogs are so funny when they are "peeking" in like that. So pitiful and adorable.When my Allie does that, I just have to give her a BIG smooch!:)

God Bless,

Mother Hood said...

It looks great! My kitchen is a U shape like yours! We're in the beginning stages of remodeling it! We're going to cut the U and make an island! I need an escape route. If anyone else is in the kitchen, I get trapped at the end!!!

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erinkern said...

Love the new appliances!

Caroline said...

WOW, now thats a big change! looks great!

Jennifer said...

I'm a new reader. :)

Love your kitchen makeover!

Pleasant Drive said...

Fancy Schmancy! Very nice makeover!

Lindsey said...

WOW! The kitchen looks amazing!!!

Carrie said...

Looks great and he did clean up after himself!

HeathahLee said...

Wow! It looks great!

angie said...

It looks amazing! And he cleaned up his mess too?

Angi said...

I feel your pain - I'm going through that too!

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