Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trendy Mayhem!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!! Ours was packed full of family visiting, celebration, and DECK WEEKEND 2008!!! oh yes...the deck is almost done!
So because of the holiday yesterday, and all the pics I wanted to share, I am combinging Monday Mayhem and Trendy Tuesday into one day...Trendy Mayhem! (It makes more sense than Mayhem Trendy).

So, to start things off, here are some wonderful pics from the weekend:
the fam celebrating mom and dad's 54th birthday! they don't look 54, do they? pictured here we have my hubby, myself, my sis, and the birthday kids!

ahhh, the free chocolate birthday cake! they are only 1 week apart in age...my mom is a week older :)

Now, onto the deck!

ahhh, these are the faces of the happy new owners of a wonderful back porch deck :)

and of course, Trendy Tuesday!!!! I saw this in a magazine, and being that zack and i are prone to spill anything at any moment on ourselves, this thing is perfect for us:

you add this in with your wash, and your clothes come out as a stain blocker! it protects clothing from allowing anything to soak in and stain the material. its hypoallergenic, and it doesn't even do anything to the texture of your fabric, so you won't even know its on there! until you spill your grape juice down the front of your white blouse, and it beads up and rolls off :)

18 lovely comments:

countrygirl3031 said...

That Blox sounds like something I need to get...I'm kinda messy!!!

Love your deck...looks awesome!


Anonymous said...

Does it work? We spill all the time at our house :)
Love the deck, your family is precious! Donna

andy said...

the deck looks great!! can't wait to hang out on it!!!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh. I need to find some blox pronto. Already today, I have temper paint, glue, and juice from a juice box on the front of my shirt. I think the pre-schoolers in my class get more on me than they do on themselves.

The deck looks great!

Anonymous said...

The deck is beautiful. Did you finish it in one weekend (I mean the construction, not destruction)?

Anonymous said...

Love the deck - I don't know what we would do without ours. We use it as much as possible even though it isn't in the best shape. There is nothing like cooking dinner on the grill and enjoying it outside with a glass of wine... mmm... Love those evenings!

lovejustice said...

Oh man! What a great deck! When I was in highschool, my dad decided that one christmas break would be a deck building break. It wasn't really my favorite break, LOL. He kept calling it "family bonding" which I guess it sort of was, but more like family arguing over how straight and level the deck needed to be. LOL.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. That's awesome. The deck looks great!!

Maybe our husbys should get together to jump!! ;)

MereinSC said...

oh! i love your new deck!! it looks so nice... i love being able to sit outdoors and relax. i'm sure you will spend a lot of time out there this fall!

Employee No. 3699 said...

The deck looks great. Nice job!

Rhea said...

Wow, that Blox sounds incredible.

Your parents are adorable! Looks like y'all had a fun weekend.

And that deck looks awesome! You and your hubby are so cute.

Thanks for visiting!

the sits girls said...

What a fun loving family! We love family get-togethers. Happy Birthday to your parents!

Love your new deck! And we'll check out that Blox. Awesome.

Andy and Kelly said...

your weekend looks so fun too! thanks for sharing pictures! I wish you could have been here for our BeDazzling, tatooing, and shopping! It was great fun, and we can't wait to see you for our next weekend! :D

Veggie Mom said...

Love the deck! You're gonna have such a lovely place to relax. Bet you're really excited to get it done!

Anonymous said...

FUN celebration...speck so! What no pics of Raspberry Italian Cream Soda!? My fav! It WAS so very fun!

The deck is so very incredibly AWESOME!!! The bench seating reminds me of the G's deck on Persimmon Place. All you are missing is a couple of HUGE trees growing out through the deck!

You and Zack look so happy and in LOVE! Oh, how I wish you had included the "dog security" photo or did Fez say, "NO!"?

The Blox...sounds like a terrific stocking stuffer idea! Oh, I've said too much! Love, mom oxoxoxo

sassy stephanie said...

Happy birthday to the youngin's!!

Blox sounds interesting...

Amy said...

The deck looks great! Congratulations on a finished product!

Sweet Simplicity said...

The deck looks great! We would love to have one! I'm so jealous!
The big question is how well did you guys get along during this process? Was it stressful!?! It seems like all of our household improvements have been filled with stress! :)

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